Paleo Shopping List

How To Create The Perfect Paleo Shopping List

Healthy eating starts with your shopping cart and creating a good Paleo shopping list is essential. If you are loading up on rubbish, how do you expect to eat well? In fact, perhaps the first real key to Paleo is making sure that your cupboards contain the right foods. So it is time to make your Paleo shopping list before heading out to the shops.

Don’t skip this list. One of the mistakes that many of us makes is impulse buying. Supermarkets know this and they make a whole lot of very poor products look very enticing. Remember this – if it isn’t on your Paleo shopping list, it doesn’t go in the trolley! Make the list then go and buy just what is on it (and nothing else!) Don’t underestimate the capacity of advertising, labels and packaging to influence you.

Three pieces of advice that do really work when you are making your Paleo shopping list:

-Make your list at home, on paper, with the television off and the internet off. Why is this? Firstly, advertising is everywhere. Even the television running in the background can influence. Also, if you make a list on your phone or computer, you are subject to the same influences.

-Secondly, don’t make a list when you are hungry or thirsty. For obvious reasons, you are going to make a more balanced list when you aren’t desperate for a sugar hit, for example! This is also true for shopping. Don’t shop when you are hungry.

-Another really good trick is to create your Paleo diet menus before hand, then simply buy the necessary ingredients. You know that you will have everything you need and nothing else. This will save you money as well as keeping your waistline in trim.

So What Should Actually Go On This List?

Here are the basics that every Paleo eater should find in their cupboards, that will allow them to make some delicious Paleo recipes.

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Fresh Vegetables – Spinach, Avocado, Mushrooms, Peppers, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes.

Fresh Fruit – Apples, Oranges, Pears, Lemons, Limes, Bananas.

Healthy Snacks – Jerky, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Nut Butters, Natural Food Bars.

Fish And Meat – Variety is important. A non-exhaustive list might include Salmon, Cod, Prawns, Crab, Squid, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb.

Flavourings – Some people worry that paleo can become bland. Keep a stock of herbs and spices. Some of my favourites are Curry, Coriander, Lemongrass, Dill, Mustard, Coconut Milk.

Baking and Sweetening – Almond Flour, Raw Honey.

This is a pretty good starting point. One thing you will notice is that lots of these products are fresh. One thing about creating a Paleo food list is that you will need to buy things like meat (grass-fed beef), fruit and vegetables a little more often. You want to avoid things that are processed and have a long use by date. After all, what do you think is in these products that keep’s them looking so perfect for so long? Nothing natural, that’s for sure!

If you are going to get it right with Paleo, it makes sense to establish a good relationship with local producers. If you can source meat and vegetables from a trusted producer, you will save money long term and certainly get a better quality product. If you do shop at the supermarket, one tip that works is to avoid the middle aisles. If you stick to the outside, you will get fresh produce and avoid any temptation with the boxed and packaged stuff in the middle.

One thing that we haven’t mentioned is cost. Lots of people worry about going Paleo because buying high-quality food does have a cost. There are two things that people forget. Firstly, the greatest cost of all is the price that your health pays when you are eating low-quality food containing artificial ingredients, pesticides and chemicals. Can you afford not to eat naturally?

Secondly, the cost of sticking to the above Paleo grocery list isn’t actually huge. Certainly, organic fruit and vegetables will set you back a few dollars (or pounds) more. But look at what really makes the shopping bill add up. It is all the snacks, ready meals and other rubbish that we buy. Stick to the basics on your Paleo shopping list and you will actually save money.

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