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The Top Three Paleo Resources On The Internet

Top Three Internet Paleo Resources is a wealth of Paleo information. You could spend hours (or even days) reading through the excellent articles on this site to find everything from Paleo basics to recipes and choosing a slow cooker to exercise routines. Our aim is to provide useful and interesting Paleo resources and content that will help you with your Paleo lifestyle. Truth be told, I love to write about this stuff because it is truly a passion. This means I also spend quite a lot of time looking around the rest of the world wide web trying to find interesting information to share with you.

Perhaps you don’t have as much time as me to sift through the good and bad of everything out there as you look for the hidden gems. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We’ve got it covered when it comes to perfect Paleo resources online.

Three Fantastic Paleo Resources Online That Are Worth A Look


Robb is a great writer who runs an informative and entertaining site to do with all things paleo diet. He has written a couple of excellent books and is a former student of Mr. Paleo himself, Loren Cordain. As a former research biochemist, Robb really knows what he is talking about too. He is a smart guy, but his writing is very readable and you never feel you are drowning in science. He has a host of useful, practical Paleo advice you can use every day. He also explains the advantages of eating Paleo for different problems such as gluten intolerance and inflammation.


This site gives a good overall view of what Paleo is all about. If you need to get the basics down or you are looking for a few ideas of what you could eat, take a look at some of the articles here and you will probably find an idea or two to help you on your way. Perhaps the main reason I look at Paleo Leap regularly is the recipe section. Often I have the ingredients but can’t decide what to do with them! Recipes here are helpfully organized by ingredient. For example, if I look at the seafood category, I will find a long list of fish-based recipes I probably hadn’t even considered.


I suppose I could/should have put this one at the top, given it is the site of the father of Paleo, Loren Cordain himself. There is a huge amount of stuff here, ranging from the science behind eating like a caveman to how to implement it in your daily life. You can also find Cordain’s books which are good! There are one or two things that can be off-putting here. First, there is a ton of information! It is easy to get lost in there. Second, this site pushes the ‘official’ Paleo material. The diet and recipe books are very interesting, but you can get a lot out of the site spend nothing. There is plenty of free information and a podcast and an active blog which will keep you abreast of anything new in the Paleo world.

There you have it, my top three Paleo resources on the net. There are many more sites I visit regularly, whether to do with natural living, diet, and nutrition or training and keeping fit. However, having a look around these three Paleo resources should give you plenty of ideas and motivation to get the most out of your lifestyle. If you have any other favorites, I would be happy to hear about them and check them out myself!

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