Hi, I’m Allison.  I’ve been passionate about good food and healthy living for several years.  Since changing to a “Paleo Based Lifestyle” I’ve found myself being healthier and happier and overall I’ve enjoyed life more.

I firmly believe that Paleo shouldn’t be treated as a just another diet but it should be adopted as a lifestyle choice. Having said that, like most lifestyle choices I believe you should allow some flexibility. Don’t turn down that meal with an old friend just because she is going to serve you pasta!

I’m originally from the UK but I’ve made Marbella in southern Spain my home for the past 10 years. I started this blog to indulge my passions for paleo and writing. I hope you enjoy it!

If this is your first time here why not check out my Paleo 101 Guide or my guide to Paleo Friendly Food

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