5 Great Paleo Lifestyle Apps For You To Use

5 Great Paleo Lifestyle Apps For You To Use

For many when they follow the Paleo lifestyle, staying on track can prove challenging.  But it provides you with plenty of benefits.   Yes, it’s great for those trying to lose weight.  But for me personally, the Paleo lifestyle has helped me to deal with the onset of the menopause.


As you’ll have learned when it comes to following this diet there are certain foods you can eat.  Then there are others you must completely omit from it.  Keeping track of what these are is where you might find things to be difficult.   

But like so many things these days, there are plenty of apps you can use.  These will allow you to see what is acceptable even when on the go.  Because of this, these apps will help you follow your new Paleo lifestyle a lot easier.

So of all the Paleo apps available which ones should you think about getting?   

Well, to make things easier I list some worth considering using.

Here are what I consider being among the best apps you can get for helping you to keep on track with your new Paleo lifestyle.

5 Great Paleo Lifestyle Apps To Consider

Paleo Plate

This isn’t only designed to be used by people following a Paleo lifestyle, but those who enjoy a gluten-free or vegetarian one.   

With this app, it provides you with over 150 recipes that are easy on the eyes.  Plus, there is a feature that will allow you to add ingredients in these recipes to your shopping list.  The great thing is that finding a recipe you want to try it because it divides them up into various categories, such as beef, pork, poultry, breakfast, side dishes and not forgetting desserts.

This one is both suitable for use on Android and iPhones and another thing you’ll love about this one is you can get it for free.

Paleo Diet Apps

Primal Paleo

This app is ideal for those who have decided that they want to follow the Paleo diet and lifestyle.   It provides you with a complete insight into this lifestyle.   

It includes a “Food List” that you can search through by putting in the food’s name you are interested in.  It will then tell you whether it is primal.   

But it isn’t all about the food with this app it also helps you to devise a suitable workout regime to help you really get in shape.   

Finally, there is a “Primal Community” feature with this one that allows you to gain and share knowledge.   It will be one that will help you remain on track with your new Paleo lifestyle.

The cost of this app is relatively reasonable.  The cost of this one is just $1.99.  It isn’t only suitable for iPhones but also Android phones.


This one is available through iTunes.  No longer will you need to worry about what you can or cannot eat.  All you have to do is type in the food you are interested in.  The app will then tell you whether it is Paleo compliant.

But that isn’t all this app does.  It also provides links that explain why certain foods are Paleo and others are not.    For those who prefer to follow a Primal rather than Paleo lifestyle, they’ll find this app useful.  This is because it explains which foods are categorized as being Primal.

Finally, with this one, you can plan your meals in advance and it will then help you come up with the right shopping list.   

Is available for use on both iPhones and Android phones.

The cost of this app is just $0.99. Paleo Lifestyle Apps For Apple


Are you someone who has issues sticking to your Paleo diet?  Then this could be the app you need.   With this app no longer making culinary mistakes will be an issue.  This is because it provides with a simple way to track your Paleo meals.  All you do after making your meal is take a picture of it then rate it.  Then, later on, you will see how you are progressing and share the meals you’ve created with your friends.

Another thing you may find useful that comes with this app is its Status Page.  This allows you to see what improvements you have made over the time you’ve been following the Paleo lifestyle.   This is because each day you get graded through you recording your nutritional stats.

Like the other apps suggested here this one is also available not only for iPhones but Android ones.   Again the cost is reasonable at just a $1.   

Paleo Apps For Android Phones

Nom Nom Paleo

This app isn’t as informative as the first one mentioned in this article.  But there are certain other aspects of it you will like.

The first of these being its interactive guides, so following it is a lot easier.  Also, it allows you to customize the shopping list function to suit your particular requirements.  It also comes with a 30-day meal plan features so deciding what to prepare and cook through the coming months isn’t a problem.

Plus the other feature I like about this app is the ability to email recipes to myself.  I often like to save recipes to my iPad and this is one feature I find useful.

With the free version of this app, it provides you with access to over 50 recipes from Nom Nom Paleo.  Plus, you also get dietary guidelines concerning Paleo.  For anyone starting out these can prove invaluable.

With each recipe, you get not only told what ingredients are needed and how to prepare and cook them.  You also get told what equipment you will require.

Unfortunately, this app has only been designed for the Apple iPad.  Also, it is one of the more expensive apps available.  To buy it from iTunes will cost you $5.99.

So you can see that when it comes to keeping track of your Paleo diet and lifestyle there is a good selection of apps to choose from.  In fact, we are getting spoilt for choice these days.  But hopefully, this article will help you see which one is best suited to your needs and budget.

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