Sweet Potatoes - Why Include In Paleo Diet Meals

Why Include Sweet Potatoes In Paleo Diet Meals

Paleo Diet Meals – Include Sweet Potatoes In Yours

As well as being readily available, delicious and inexpensive to buy, there are several other reasons why you should be eating sweet potatoes regularly as part of your Paleo diet meals.

Paleo Diet Meals - Sweet Potatoes

Below I show you some more reasons for choosing to eat this vegetable regularly by adding to different Paleo diet meals you make.

Reason 1 – Contain High Level Of Vitamin B6

This is a very important Vitamin to be eating as it helps to reduce the production of a chemical known as homocysteine in the body. They have linked this chemical to a variety of different degenerative diseases, including heart attacks. By increasing your consumption of Vitamin B6 you are helping to reduce the likelihood of you suffering a heart attack in the future.

Reason 2 – Provide You With A Good Source Of Vitamin C

Good Source Of Vitamin C

Okay, we all know that Vitamin C is a good way to help prevent us from developing colds or flu. However, what you may not know of is that this vitamin is crucial as it plays a vital role in the formation of teeth and bones. Plus helps digestion and blood cell formation. Along with helping to speed up the healing process when you get a cut as it also helps the body to produce collagen, which helps your body keep its youthful elasticity. Plus you will find that you cope with stress much better. Also, this can help to protect your body from toxins that are linked to cancer.

Reason 3 – Provides You With A Good Source Of Vitamin D

Provides Body With Vitamin D

This Vitamin is important to your body’s immune system and your health overall. As well as being a Vitamin it is also a hormone, which is primarily produced by our bodies when we are getting enough sunlight. As Vitamin D provides support to our thyroid gland you will find that if you are getting sufficient amounts of this in your Paleo diet meals it will help improve your energy levels and moods and help to build healthy bones, heart, nerves, teeth, and skin.

Reason 4 – Good Source Of Iron

Paleo Food With Good Source Of Iron

As you probably already know that we need iron to help provide us with energy, however, this mineral plays another important role. It is vital to help with the production of both red and white blood cells, and helping our immune system to function properly, plus it also makes us much more resistant to stress. It helps to metabolize protein.

Reason 5 – Good Source Of Magnesium

This mineral contains components that help you relax. Plus it also contains components that help to improve artery, blood, bone, heart, and muscle and nerve functions.

Reason 6 – Offers You A Good Source Of Potassium

Good Source Of Potassium Like Bananas

We all know how good bananas are for providing our bodies with potassium, but so do sweet potatoes. This is a very important electrolyte our bodies need as it helps to regulate not only your heartbeat but also the signals produced by nerves in the body. But it also performs other important functions throughout the body including helping to relax muscle contractions, reduce swelling and protect and control how your kidneys function.

Reason 7 – Slowly Releases Natural Sugars Into Your Bloodstream

Because of this, it means that you ensure that a well-balanced and regular source of energy is being provided to your body without blood sugar levels spiking. You will find that you don’t feel as tired as often and you won’t gain weight as much.

Reason 8 – Contains High Level Of Carotenoids

Sweet Potatoes Contain Carotenoids Like Carrots

The kinds of carotenoids that sweet potatoes contain like carrots are beta-carotene, which helps your body to produce Vitamin A. Along with helping to improve your eyesight you will find that it provides a boost to your immune system. Plus carotenoids contain high levels of antioxidants in them, which help to ward off cancer and protect you against the signs of ageing.

Reason 9 – Sweet Potatoes Are A Versatile Paleo Diet Meals Vegetable

As well as roasting them you can mash, puree, steam, bake or grill them. Plus they make an amazing addition to a variety of different Paleo diet meals including stews, soups or salads.

Paleo Food - Sweet Potatoes Are Versatile

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