Paleo Diet - What Can You Eat

What Can You Eat When You Follow A Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet – What You Can Eat

The great thing about following the Paleo diet is it allows you to eat plenty of vegetables along with as much meat as you want. Because of this, the diet you follow is much more diverse so the chances of you getting bored of it are greatly reduced, as it allows you to be more creative when planning your meals.  There are plenty of places online where you can find some amazing Paleo diet recipes.

You will find that this diet unlike is simple to understand so it makes it much easier to follow.

So What Can You Eat On The Paleo Diet?

So what can you eat when on the Paleo Diet? It is simple really as you can see from below.

1. Grass Fed Meats


Paleo Diet - Grass-Fed Meat

As well as eating beef, pork. and lamb, you can also eat chicken, turkey and any kind of seafood. In fact, you can eat anything that comes from the wild if you want. What is important when it comes to following the Paleo or Caveman diet is you stay away from meat that has been processed along with the grain fed kind. You can have as much as you like as long as you keep a calorie deficit in your diet.

2. Eggs


Paleo Food - Eggs

These are not only a good source of protein but the white part is low in calories. If you are trying to lose weight then you will find that because they are so low in calories they really can help. Normally breakfast when following the Paleo or hunter-gatherer diet will consist of some eggs and some bacon or other kinds of meat or protein.

3. Vegetables


Paleo Diet - Fresh Vegetables

These are a main source of carbohydrates for anyone who is following the Paleo diet. In fact, when it comes to following a Paleo lifestyle these will be your primary source of calories. However, you may find it hard to maintain as these also contain high amounts of fiber, which causes your appetite to feel satiated quickly. When it comes to which vegetables to eat then remember if you cannot eat them raw then don’t include them in your diet.

4. Fruit


Paleo Food - Fruit

You can have fruit in your diet but you should limit it to being a snack. Your main meals should comprise large amounts of vegetables along with some healthy fat and a good-sized portion of protein. If you feel peckish between meals then keep some fruit close by to help satisfy these cravings until you eat later. However, make sure that you limit the amount of fruit that has high sugar content.

5. Nuts Or Seeds


Paleo Food - Nuts & Seeds

These will provide you with a good source of healthy fat and a good number of calories consider how small the servings are. When following the Paleo diet it is recommended that you enjoy a few nuts with some fruit as a snack. The kinds of nuts and seeds that you can include in your diet and which appear on Paleo diet food lists are almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and cashews. Also, almond and coconut milk provide you with a good source of healthy fats that your body needs.


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