Which Food Dehydrator Is Best For Your Paleo Lifestyle

When it comes to investing in a food dehydrator there are plenty of places online where you can read reviews. However as you read through these in order to decide which one is best for you and your Paleo lifestyle can prove challenging.

It is important however that you do select one that meets your needs the best. For example, if you are completely new to using such equipment then you really should start with one of the inexpensive models available. Here I am going to be offering up some tips to help you determine which type of food dehydrator would best suit your needs. I used these myself when I was looking for mine.

Best One When You Begin Following A Paleo Lifestyle

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Of course, if you want you can go for a top of the line model, but if money is an issue then starting with one of the smaller models would be a much better option. The best ones to begin with, would be those made by Nesco, especially the FD 37A American Harvest. This is a very simple machine to use so it will allow you to better concentrate on learning how to prepare the Paleo food ready for dehydration when using various Paleo recipes.

Best One For The More Enthusiastic

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Once you have begun to get a hang on how to dehydrate food and are looking to do it more often then now is the time to step it up a gear. Ideally, look for a food dehydrator that not only has a thermostat that can be adjusted, but allows you to add more racks and is fitted with a timer. All of these will help you to have a little more control over the drying process, and it will help you to create amazing food as part of your hunter-gatherer diet with these machines more efficient.

Two food dehydrators to consider here are the Nesco FD 75 Snackmaster or the Waring Pro DHR30.

Best One For Those Who Want To Dehydrate A Lot Of Food

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More power isn’t that necessary when it comes to wanting to dehydrate more food, instead, you should be choosing one that is capable of holding more food that is in season at the moment. Rather than opting for one of the smaller dehydrators where the trays stack on top of each other you should be going for one of the cabinet style models instead that offer you more space.

One particular model to consider especially when preparing to dehydrate food that you can incorporate into your Paleo lifestyle is the Excalibur 3900B. This has 15sq ft. of drying space and the trays can be pulled out making it much easier for you to remove some of the Paleo food inside. This can prove extremely handy when you have packed yours full of fruits and vegetables.

Best One For Making Jerky

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Quite a few people choose to invest in a food dehydrator simply to use it for making jerky or biltong. If you intend to use yours in this way then you need one that has a lot of power and you can raise the temperature high. Ideally, select a model that can maintain a steady 140 degrees Fahrenheit or more temperature.

The model you might want to consider investing in when wanting to create such food is the STX International Dehydra. This one is capable of maintaining temperatures of up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit. But using the right equipment isn’t the only thing you need to consider when it comes to making Jerky you also need to learn how to make it is as well to ensure that what you do make is safe to eat.  Plus when it comes to making your own jerky it is best to use grass-fed meat whenever possible.

Best One For Making Dried Fruit And Snacks

Paleo Lifestyle - Dried Fruit And Snacks

When it comes to you wanting to make your own dried fruit and snacks deciding which food dehydrator to use can prove challenging as you don’t need any specialist model. What is important however is that you choose a model that allows you access to non-stick liners. As the fruit dries out it becomes very sticky and this is why having such liners or trays that are easy to clean is crucial.

However if you wish to make fruit leather that you can enjoy as Paleo snacks then you need a dehydrator that can be fitted with solid rather than mesh liners. The great thing here is the kinds of models you can use are ones that will easily fit within your budget. Some models cost less than $50 whilst others can cost more than $300. But I would recommend you spend around $100 if you can.


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