Paleo Food - Dehydration Questions Answered

Food Dehydration – Questions Answered

Paleo Diet Food Dehydration

The number of people now choosing to use a method known as dehydration to help preserve food has substantially increased over the last few years. Whenever I watch a cookery program someone seems to choose to use this method.

After doing some research I feel that using this method of cooking is a great idea especially for those of us following a Paleo diet. In this article, I aim to explain why.

So What Is Food Dehydration?

Dehydration is the ideal method of helping to preserve all kinds of Paleo diet foods including meat, fruit, and vegetables by helping to remove the moisture from them. Once the food has been dried it helps to then prevent the growth of microorganisms within it that causes it to then decay. Because of this, the shelf life of what you eat on your Paleo diet food list has been extended.

Paleo Diet - Dehydrated Food

What Kinds Of Paleo Diet Foods Can I Dehydrate?

Along with meat, fruit, and vegetables, it is possible to dehydrate herbs, flowers even bread (that can be used as crumbs later on). You can also if you want to dehydrate certain cuts of meat to make treats for your pets. In fact, you can dehydrate pretty much any Paleo diet food that has water in it.

Is It Possible To Dry Different Foods Together At The Same Time?

The answer to this question is yes. It is possible for you to dry different fruit or vegetables together, as the flavours they omit shouldn’t mix. However, I wouldn’t advise that you dry onions with anything else.

Paleo Recipe - Dehydration Of Food

When Dried Is The Foods Nutritional Value Destroyed?

There are some sources that suggest that a tiny amount of the nutrients found in the food will be lost during the drying process. However, around 90% of all the minerals and vitamins to found in Caveman diet food will remain. You need to be careful about what temperature you use to help dry the food out. Although a higher temperature helps to dry the food out a lot quicker, it will also result in more of the nutrients found in the food to be lost.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Food Out?

How long it takes depends on the kind of Paleo diet food you are wanting to dehydrate, how much you want to dehydrate and how capable the dehydrator you are using is.

Paleo Food Dehydration

Is Pre-Treatment Of Food Required Before I Hydrate Them?

If you pre-treat food it may help to improve the colour and flavour of certain ones, but pre-treatment of foods isn’t necessary. The options available are to either dip, blanch or marinate the foods first. You may want to pretreat pears or apples as this can help prevent them from oxidizing when they become exposed to air once again, which in turn will prevent them from turning a brown colour.

How Do I Go About Storing The Foods I Have Dried?

It is vital to make sure that all the foods you have dehydrated are then stored in airtight containers or bags. Once in the bags or airtight containers, they must then be kept in a cool dry place out of the sun and away from humidity.

How Long Can Dehydrated Food Be Stored For?

To ensure that it maintains its appearance and nutritional value then dehydrated food must be stored for no longer than a year. If you can afford to invest in a machine that allows you to vacuum pack the food that you have dried as this helps to extend its shelf life further. However, another way to help extend the shelf-life of the food you have dried for 2 or 3 times longer is to keep it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Storing Of Dehydrated Food

Is It Possible To Powder Food That Has Been Dehydrated?

If you wish there are certain Paleo diet foods once dehydrated that can be made into powder i.e., onions, tomatoes etc. You place the foods you have dried into a processed and blend until the desired texture has been achieved. Then you can use items such as seasoning in sauces and pastes.

I hope that the questions above have helped with answering questions you may have regarding dehydrated food. I know they have me and I am looking to invest money in a food dehydrator soon, may even get my other half to buy it as a present.

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