Paleo Diet - What You Can Or Cannot Eat

What You Can Or Cannot Eat When Following A Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet – What You Can Or Cannot Eat

One thing you have probably learned by now about the Paleo diet is that the recommendations provided by others vary. Yet what you need to know when it comes to the basics these are always the same, and these are the most important things that you must learn about.

So What Is The Paleo Diet Exactly?

This is a nutritional plan and diet that can help you lose weight that copies the same diet as our ancestors followed, especially those who lived during the Paleolithic period. During this time agriculture hadn’t been developed and this meant that the diet our ancestors enjoyed was free of grain.

Paleo Diet - Raw Vegetables

In more technical terms we can class this diet as a low carb one as it does not allow you to eat any carbohydrates or sugar. However this isn’t the main aim of this diet, so you can easily change it to allow you to increase the number of carbs you do eat, we can do this through increasing your consumption of root vegetables, vegetables, and fruit.

What Foods Are You Allowed?

This diet comprises “wild foods”. The types of foods that would have been eaten by hunter-gatherers, such as grass-fed meats, game meats, and fish are acceptable. However, Paleo diet food you get from animals that have been raised on farms is considered unacceptable.

Paleo Diet - Grass-Fed Meat

Along with meat and fish fruits and vegetables are allowed, however, you will find that some versions of this diet only allow for “wild fruits” like berries. Whereas others allow more concessions when it comes to including these foods.

Know that some forms of this diet prefer you only to eat raw food, but it is perfectly okay to cook your food if you wish.

The other foods that are acceptable for eating when following this diet are the ones that our ancestors during the Paleolithic era could gather such as nuts, seeds, and eggs along with other foods that they could collect like fungi and roots.

What Foods Aren’t Allowed?

Paleo Diet - No Wheat or Grains

The foods that you cannot eat when you follow a Paleo diet include dairy products, legumes, and grains. Anything that has been refined or is classed as processed foods is unacceptable. Plus we mustn’t forget that both salt and sugar are no go areas. I have replaced sugar with a plant-based sweetener known as Stevia and which you’ll find appears on any Paleo diet food list.

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