Reasons Why Cauliflower Plays An Important Role In The Paleo Diet

There are numerous Paleo recipes available that use cauliflower in place of say rice. You may be wondering why so many of these recipes do contain this particular vegetable in them.

Paleo Food - Cauliflower

Certainly eating cauliflower on a regular basis should be something that you ought to consider even if you don’t like the look or taste of it. The Paleo diets recipes I have tried are ones that actually help to remove these problems for me.  Over time, you will soon reap the various health benefits of adding this vegetable to your Paleo diet food list.

The reasons why I choose to include cauliflower in my Paleo diet regularly are as follows:

1. This particular vegetable is rich in both Vitamin C and Manganese, both of which are very strong antioxidants. If you were to eat just 1 cup of steamed cauliflower you would be getting as much as 55mg of Vitamin C. Along with manganese and Vitamin C, it also contains phytonutrients. Such as ferulic acid and kaempferol, along with beta-carotene and carotenoids. All of these can help to protect the body from free radicals. As well as help to reduce the risk of us developing cancer or cardiovascular diseases that can be caused by oxidative stress.

Paleo Diet - Heart Health

2. Cauliflower can help to reduce inflammation because it contains large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin K. In one cup of steamed cauliflower you will find as much as 0.21g of omega-3 fatty acids and 11mg of Vitamin K. Eating this particular vegetable regularly could reduce the risk of developing diseases like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, 1 or 2 type diabetes or obesity.

Paleo Food - Prevent Inflammation

3. If you were to eat a cup of steamed cauliflower regularly you will find that this will help to keep your digestive system working more effectively because it contains 3.35g of dietary fibre. Plus it contains a substance that is known as glucoraphanin, which protects the lining of the stomach. This substance helps to prevent a bacterium known as helicobacter pylori developing. In turn, this helps to reduce the risk of you developing medical problems such as ulcers or cancer.

Paleo Diet - Improved Digestive System

It is important if you choose to eat cauliflower regularly that you don’t consume any more than 5 servings in a week. Cauliflower contains a substance known as purine and when it is broken down in your body it produces a substance known as uric acid. If there is too much uric acid in your stomach the risk of you developing gout becomes higher.

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