Paleo Recipe - Ways To Use Coconut Oil When Cooking

Ways To Use Coconut Oil When Cooking

How To Use Coconut Oil When Cooking Paleo Food

When it comes to cooking you will find that most recipes even Paleo ones require the use of oil or butter in them. However, if you prefer why not replace such with coconut oil or butter instead. Along with helping to ensure that you are consuming less of the bad oils you are also adding a more delicious element to everything you make.

Paleo Recipe - Coconut Oil

However it isn’t only about making things taste better, this oil can help improve how your digestive system functions because of the medium-chain triglycerides it contains. This could help your body to regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

So what ways can you use this oil when it comes to Paleo cooking? Below we take a look at a few ideas.

1. Use Coconut Oil To Sweeten Drinks Instead Of Sugar

Use It To Sweeten Drinks

If you are looking to add some sweetness to your tea, coffee, water or smoothies then add a small amount of this oil to it. However, it is important that before adding it to a cold drink you make sure that you heat the cold-pressed coconut oil through first so it becomes liquid.

2. Make Your Own Mayonnaise

Paleo Food - Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

Not only will your own mayonnaise taste delicious, but you are also eliminating vegetable oils high in PUFA from your diet.   Plus you will also find that it is easy to make, just click on the link provided.

3. Use Coconut Oil On Toast

To really ensure that you reduce just how many bad fats are in your Paleo diet spread some of this oil that contains medium-chain fatty acids on your toast in the morning instead of butter.

4. Use It For Frying Eggs

Use Coconut Oil For Frying Eggs

To fry eggs, you lightly coat the bottom of the pan with some extra-virgin coconut oil to create a non-stick surface. Then cook the eggs in the same way as you would normally.

5. Make Popcorn With It

Paleo Recipe - Coconut Oil For Popcorn

This provides a nice sweet twist to a healthy snack you can enjoy whenever you want. To make it you need a heavy bottomed pan, to which you add the organic virgin coconut oil and the popcorn kernels. Make sure that you coat the pan well with the oil and add enough kernels to provide a single layer on the bottom of the pan. Now gently shake the pan to ensure that all the kernels have been coated with the oil then place the pan over medium heat. Place a lid on top of the pan; leaving it slightly open so some steam can escape. Then let the kernels do their thing. It should only take around 5 minutes for all the kernels to pop.

If you want you can also melt some more coconut oil, which you can then drizzle over the popcorn before serving.

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  1. my wife has diabetes 2. we started using coconut oil exclusively a few months ago and her recent blood tests showed that her triglycerides tripled since the last test. we are in our 70s.

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