Paleo Meal Construction Basics

When it comes to making any Paleo meals or snacks there is a certain fundamental blueprint that needs to be followed. The blueprint you need to follow is designed around the body’s building blocks, namely protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Yes, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are also required in order for us to thrive and survive. By choosing the right kinds of foods you will be ensuring that you get all the protein, fat, carbs and nutrients from every meal you prepare, without the need for you to take any supplements.

Below I show you how to create the perfect Paleo meal plan.

Step 1 – Begin With A Protein Source

Paleo Meal - Begin With A Protein Source

What protein you choose as part of your Paleolithic diet is dependent on your particular needs. However, it must be 3 to 9 ounces of some kind of animal product. Meat, eggs or fish are perfect and all appear on Paleo food lists. You must make sure that you adjust the portions of the recipes you are following to suit your needs. But as a rule of thumb, you should be aiming to have a piece of protein that is the size of your palm or a bit bigger.

Step 2 – Add The Vegetables

Paleo Diet - Add The Vegetables

For almost every Paleo meal you make you should be looking to include between ½ and 1lb of vegetables with it. Okay, this is a lot, but this is a great way of ensuring you are getting sufficient amounts of nutrients that your body needs. Plus you will find that the fibre in these helps to make you feel fuller for longer. When you first start to change over to following a Paleo or Primal diet I would recommend that you take things slowly and build up to eating such large amounts of vegetables. This will then allow your body sufficient time to adapt. It is okay to include some fruit occasionally along with the vegetables as part of your Paleo meal delivery options.

Step 3 – Finally Add Some Healthy Fats

Paleo Meal - Add Some Healthy Fat

How much healthy fat you add is dependent on what your calorific needs are, along with the amount of fat to be found in your source of protein. If you are eating lean pieces of meat then you will need to add more fat into your meals, as this provides you with your main source of energy. You will find that once your body starts to get used to operating using fat to provide the fuel then your energy levels will start to become more stable. Also, you will find that your body is able to burn off unwanted fat much more easily.

Step 4 – Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink Plenty Of Water

If you can try to drink the purest water available as part of your Paleo lifestyle. If possible avoid that kept in plastic bottles, as there are toxins in the plastic that leak into the water. Also, avoid drinking too much tap water, as it is full of chlorine. It is best to avoid even low calorie or sugar-free drinks whenever possible as research carried out shows that these can still cause problems in relation to your body’s blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar levels aren’t balanced your body will end up storing fat rather than burning it off.


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