Sugar Content In Fruit: Which Are Paleo Suitable?

Paleo Diet – Sugar Content In Fruit

Some people who practice the Paleo Diet eat less fresh fruit because of the sugar content in it. But there are many fruits that can be beneficial for those leading a Paleo lifestyle. These fruits are not only refreshing but also very healthy for you and your family.

Because of the sugar content in fruit, many people are into the Paleo diet and other diet plans eat just small amounts of fruit. However, while there are high sugar fruits, there are also some fruits that can help a person have a healthy body and still be under the Paleo diet principles. Having fruits in one’s diet also creates variation and the diet will not be boring in the long run.

If you are someone who enjoys fresh fruits, you definitely will notice how fresh fruits are naturally sweet. There are many fruits high in sugar even when it is fresh and processing fruits will definitely result in higher sugar content. Fresh fruits have vitamins, fiber and other nutrients that can help the body in repairing cells, strengthening the immune system and making the body healthy. It is the fructose in sugar fruits have that makes people think twice before eating.

So knowing what the sugar content in fruit is vital and through this article, we aim to help you avoid one that has high levels.  These are fruits that could be as detrimental to your health as high-fructose corn syrup or sugary drinks could be.

What Are High Sugar Fruits?

There are many fruits with high sugar content. Eating these fruits when you already have a problem with insulin (Type 1 or 2 Diabetes), will have the opposite effect of you being able to reach your Paleo diet goals. We recommend especially eating fruits and vegetables in moderation when you are trying to lose weight.


One big apple can have up to 23 grams of sugar, so an apple a day may not be as healthy as you thought.


Although this fruit is known for its high fiber content,  and vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and manganese, it also contains high levels of sugar, with as much as 16 grams per cup.


Yes, unfortunately, the “Minions” have been eating and favouring a fruit with high sugar content. A medium-sized banana has 14 grams of sugar, which may be the reason why the “Minions” are hyperactive.


This fruit has been popular lately, but a medium pomegranate can give you 38 grams of sugar.


Even these beautiful rubies can hinder you from getting a healthier body because a cup of cherries contains 20 grams of sugar.


Although it may seem nice and fun to munch on this delicious fruit, a cup of grapes produces 15 grams of sugar.


Many people love mangoes, especially ripe ones, because of their naturally sweet taste. This is not surprising since a single ripe mango can contain around 23 grams of sugar.

What Are The Best Low Sugar Content In Fruit Alternatives?

If you have a goal to reach to lose weight and you want to stay within the low sugar principle of the Paleo diet, there are still many fruits you can eat without a problem. These fruits also contain fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients that can help you maintain a healthy body. We still recommend moderation since consuming too much of these fruits will lead to consuming high sugar fruits.


It may not be the first on your list, but avocado has been making waves in other diets and in Paleo because of its healthy oils with only 1 gram of sugar for a cup.


Most people use this for its juice when cooking and marinating meat and less likely as a snack. But you should not belittle this tangy fruit because it has high levels of Vitamin C and only a gram of sugar.


A cup of these berries only has 5 grams of sugar and lots of fiber and antioxidants.


Adding kiwi to your breakfast, salad or drink is perfectly fine because a medium kiwi will only give you 6 grams of sugar.


Yes, olives are a fruit and you should not ignore it in your meals. This fruit packed with great fats and nutrients but has virtually no sugar content at all.


Another fruit on the sour side, lemons are rich in antioxidants, fiber and only 2 grams of sugar.


Another berry to make our list, blackberries are not just delicious, these are also very healthy and offer only 7 grams of sugar.

As mentioned earlier, we should eat fruit whether or not high in sugar in moderation. The Paleo diet includes fruit since fruits introduce different flavors and benefit the body as much as vegetables. Eat these fruits as fresh as possible and create meals that are lively and colorful. These fruits will allow you to have exciting Paleo meals every time.  Plus making the odd green smoothies will help to avoid you including high sugar content in fruit in your diet.

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