Tips To Help Your Family Follow A Paleo Lifestyle – Part 2

In a previous article I offered up some advice about how to help your family follow a Paleo lifestyle.  Below are yet some more tips you may find useful when wanting to get your loved ones to enjoy a more healthy way of life.

Tip 6 – Plan Your Paleo Lifestyle Meals Ahead Of Time

Paleo Lifestyle - Plan Meals Ahead Of Time

The best way of doing this is through using a meal planner. Also if you have the time available prepare the evening Paleo diet meal in the morning. You should never wait until you are about to start preparing the meal to decide what to have.

Tip 7 – Buy Some Thermos’s

Paleo - Buy Some Thermos's

You will probably find as I have that these can be a real lifesaver as it reduces the chances of your family wanting sandwiches for their lunch. You can place a variety of different left over meals in them from sausages and meatballs to a hearty sweet potato soup. If you are going to be giving such equipment to children make sure that they are able to open them.

Tip 8 – Create Meals That Can Be Eat In Different Ways

Paleo Diet - Create Meals That Can Be Eaten In Different Ways

This way you won’t find yourself having to cook two different meals. For example when it comes to preparing a Paleo meal for yourself you can always allow them something that you can’t. For example make a steak and kidney casserole and allow them to have a crust made from puff pastry with theirs, and you don’t. Gradually over time start to drop things like the puff pastry crust from the meal. It may take time and they may be resistant at first but try and come up with more healthy alternatives to replace them.

Tip 9 – Be Careful When Shopping

Paleo Lifestyle - Be Careful When Shopping

For example, if you are still buying cereal for your kids breakfasts then replace it with the kind that do not have as much sugar in them. Also when it comes to bread replace with wholemeal bread or the kind that contains no additives. Then slowly and very gradually over time start to eliminate items from your shopping that aren’t actually an approved Paleo food.

Tip 10 – Look Out For Any Resistance

Paleo Lifestyle - Look Out For Any Resistance

There are going to be times when your family will be resistant to the changes you are trying to make. When such occurrences take place don’t try and force them to make the changes you want so that they follow a Paleo lifestyle, but allow them to make their own changes gradually. It may take time but eventually they will see that eating a burger without a bun is just as enjoyable.

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