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5 Helpful Tips On Creating Paleo Diet Meals For Toddlers

Creating Paleo Diet Meals For Toddlers

You’re so ready to follow the Paleo diet, but you have a kid that doesn’t seem to share your enthusiasm. What to do? We’ve gathered tips that can make your life easier and get your kid or kids enjoying the Paleo diet meals, too.

When you have a family, you would definitely be excited to share and enjoy something great with them. This holds true even for diet, health, and food. Adults may be easy to convince, but kids can become a headache when you introduce something new, especially when it comes to food. Toddlers are especially picky with food and getting one to eat something they are not used to will definitely get you into trouble.

Toddlers have different choices when it comes to food compared to adults, so forcing the Paleo diet on your toddler can’t result in a happy relationship with the diet. Creating a Paleo diet for kids requires a lot of patience and careful and considerate planning. If you are up to the challenge, here are five tips that can help you and your toddler enjoy a Paleo diet.

Know Your Toddler’s Eating Habits

Look closely at what your kid enjoys and what he avoids in your regular meals and assess whether it is part of your Paleo diet meals. Assess what your kids usually finish on their plates and leave on their plates. This will help you determine what Paleo meals will fit their taste buds. From there, it will be easier to determine what Paleo meals you can introduce to them.

Understand That Kids Have Different Nutritional Needs

Paleo diet may be “all natural”, but kids have different nutritional needs compared to adults. Kids need certain amounts of vitamins and minerals that will help them grow stronger and healthier. There are also some foods that your kids may have a harder time digesting which can lead to constipation and/or other complications. Be sure to consider these when making your Paleo meal plan for your toddler.

Patience Is The Key

Even if you plan ever so carefully, toddlers may still show resistance to the new meal plan you introduce. So instead of getting your kid instantly on Paleo meals, try introducing new Paleo meals gradually. Your kid may be stubborn at first, but eventually, he’ll learn to get used to the type of meal you present every day. Do not feel frustrated if he rejects a meal or two; there are just some meals that are less enticing like another.

Get Help From Your Toddler

When planning a meal, ask your toddler what he wants. By being open to your kids, you are allowing them to help you decide which meals are Paleo or not. You can also get your toddler help with the cooking. They get to eat what they cook not to mention the fun and pride of a child when he makes his own meal.

Avoid Being Strict On The Paleo Diet Meals

Let loose! Even though you want your child to be healthy, he’s still a child. You can occasionally allow them to eat simple treats. A candy or two will not hurt your Paleo diet efforts. This can come as a reward for your toddler. Kids also need to enjoy other meals and not be confined to a single strict diet. Your kid might end up getting bored with the meals you serve and end up hating the diet scheme instead.

Creating Paleo diet meals for your toddler does not have to be frustrating as long as you have the right attitude and you are determined to help your child accept and enjoy the Paleo diet. When in doubt, always ask for your pediatrician and nutritionist’s opinions. They may even have more tips to give you for helping your child accept Paleo diet meals. Remember that what’s important is your child enjoys every healthy meal they eat.

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