Paleo Lifestyle Tips - Part 1

Tips To Help Your Family Follow A Paleo Lifestyle – Part 1

Part 1 – Tips To Help Your Family Follow A Paleo Lifestyle

Are you trying to get your family to follow a Paleo lifestyle? Are you finding that they just seem to avoid it at all costs? I know I have had problems getting my other half to stick with it. Then I started to use some of the following Paleo lifestyle tips and it has made a real change.

Tip 1 – Take Things Slowly

Paleo Lifestyle - Take Things Slowly

Don’t try and make all the changes at once, instead allow them to make their own changes. This way you will find that they are less likely to feel overwhelmed by it all and because you are allowing them some control over what is happening they won’t feel as you are bossing them about.

Tip 2 – Make Small Paleo Lifestyle Changes One At A Time

Paleo Diet - Make Small Changes

Let them decide on one change that they want to make and then allow them to do this. For example, I eliminated starch from meals in the evening and my other half didn’t notice this for quite some time. Whatever you change just do that and nothing else. Once they have got used to this Paleo lifestyle change then you can move on to the next one.

Tip 3 – Fruit For Dessert

Paleo Diet - Enjoy Fruit For Dessert

Every night we would finish each meal with a dessert, but that has all changed now. I swapped out desserts with fruit and then gradually over time I began to only offer fruit and initially, my other half was somewhat upset at this change, but once he knew desserts were no longer on offer, he stopped asking for them.

Tip 4 – Change To Paleo Lifestyle One Meal At A Time

Paleo Lifestyle - One Meal At A Time

If you will cook a Paleo dinner each evening then keep the other meals the same. We all like routine and this is especially important when changes are taking place, as it provides some security. Plus by making small changes you aren’t putting your family off following such a diet and eventually they will soon start to realize how beneficial following such is to them.

Tip 5 – Collect Paleo Recipes That Your Family Likes

Paleo Diet - Collect Recipes Your Family Likes

Most families will have a few recipes that they particularly like and will make sure that they enjoy them throughout the week. Make a list of the Paleo lifestyle recipes your family are fond of and keep it on your fridge. By having these there in view it takes the difficulty out of deciding what to cook each evening.

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