Some Very Simple Paleo Weight Loss Tips

As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts following a Paleo diet isn’t the only thing you should be doing when it comes to losing weight. But of course, it does help. If you really want to see the right kinds of results when it comes to losing weight then make sure that you keep the following paleo weight loss tips in mind.


Tip 1 – Track What You Are Eating

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Of all the tips I’m providing here this is one of the best of all. The problem when it comes to trying to lose weight is that most of us actually eat more than we think we are. By keeping a log of what you eat after every meal can help you to see just how much you are eating. Of course, you can record it by creating a spreadsheet, but the one tool I have found really effective in helping to track what I am eating is

What I love about this particular tool that I have not only my Mac but also on my iPad and iPhone is that it not only tells me the number of calories I’ve eaten but the amount of fat, oils and carbs. Furthermore. it allows you to take note of what exercise you are doing and the number of calories that you have burnt.

Being aware of what you are eating can really help you to remain on track. Plus you may also find that it helps you to look at ways to do things better. It may take time but eventually what you’ll find is that you won’t be eating as much once you know just how much you are eating now.


Tip 2 – Mindful Eating Needs To Be Practiced

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This is the perfect way to get yourself eating much smaller portions, without feeling as you are depriving yourself. When it comes to this tip it is all about slowing down and focusing more on the enjoyment and pleasure you get when you do eat. When it comes to eating a meal or a snack you should be treating it in the same way as if you were having a massage or sitting on a beach relaxing.

Ideally, what you should be doing is making sure that you spend no less than 20 minutes on eating each meal. This is because it actually takes our brains 20 minutes to realize that we are full. When eating make sure that you chew each piece of food no less than 20 times. Also between each mouthful place the fork down and then after you have finished chewing you should take two long deep slow breaths, before picking up the fork and eating some more. Make sure that as you eat each forkful that you savour the textures and flavours of the food on it.

Tip 3 – Make Sure You Are Doing Proper Exercise

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This is another very important tip to remember when it comes to wanting to lose weight whilst following a Paleo diet. However if you haven’t exercised for some time I would recommend you speak with your doctor first.

Also don’t think that exercising more is going to help you lose weight faster. The issue you have here is that your appetite will increase and as a result this can cause you to then overeat. In turn, your stress hormone levels are going to increase and this in turn. leads to inflammation in your body which can make you feel much more tired so keeping up with things on a day to day basis becomes harder.

Initially, it is best to stick to doing some low-intensity workouts that last for between 20 and 30 minutes, just 3 times a week. The kind of exercise you should be doing is walking; light cycling, hiking or yoga. The great thing about doing this type of exercise is that it will help to boost your metabolism, as well as help you to build muscle, which in turn makes losing fat a lot easier. Plus you’ll also find that it helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels over the coming weeks.


Tip 4 – Where Possible Eat Only Organic Food

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The great thing about eating organic food as it contains a lot more nutrients and you’ll find it also tastes much better. What you may not realize is that many of the chemicals and pesticides being used today can lead to us developing food cravings, as well as cause problems that affect your metabolism. In turn, this can lead to you gaining weight as well as retaining water more.


Tip 5 – Don’t Deprive Yourself

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Rather than actually depriving yourself of food’s you enjoy it is far better if you look for more healthy substitutes that you know you are going to enjoy. If you happen to tell yourself that no longer can you have sweets, potato chips or bread then you’ll find yourself thinking about them even more. Instead of actually eliminating such from your diet altogether why not eat them in moderation.

A quick search online and you find plenty of healthy alternatives for the things that you have chosen to remove from your diet. For example, when it comes to sweets munch on a few berries, as for when you want to have some pasta make your own noodles using carrots, courgettes etc.

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