Introducing 6 Useful Paleo Diet Exercises To Try Now

6 Useful Paleo Diet Exercises You Should Try Now

If you think the Paleo diet is all about eating the right kinds of Paleo food, then you are mistaken. When following this diet you’ll discover exercise plays an important role.  You’ll be surprised how easy exercising can be even when you are new to following the Paleo lifestyle.

We believed cavemen to have great bodies not only because of their diet but because of the amount of activity they carried out each day. Those living during the Paleolithic era were very active individuals.  They would work out every day because of the lifestyle they lead, which involved constant hunting, foraging, and looking for a safer place to live in. This practice of being physically active is also adopted by those who choose to follow the modern Paleo or Caveman diet today.

This lifestyle is to keep the body active but not to force it into high-intensity activities. Although Paleo diet meal plans are high in protein, it also includes a lot of healthy fats. It does not mean that bodybuilders and people are into high-intensity workouts can only follow it. These exercises as part of your new Paleo lifestyle won’t only help with weight loss they also help to increase muscle growth in the body, improve the immune system, and help improve cognitive functions and reduce the risk of developing heart disease.  Whilst at the same time ensuring that you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.



If you are into the Paleolithic diet or hunter-gatherer diet, it is important that you exercise regularly or be active. Being confined to the office or home should not prevent you from having an active body and mind.

New To The Paleo Diet Give These Exercises A Try

Jump Rope

Paleo Diet Exercises - Jump Rope

If you have a busy schedule and can’t go outside of your home, jumping rope can be a great option. Jump rope allows you to move your arms, legs, and most of your muscles, albeit stationary. You can even do this exercise when you are walking. You should only do as much your body will allow.  Plus, you need to increase the number of jumps you can do each day.

Running Or Jogging

Paleo Lifestyle - Exercise Paleo Lifestyle - Exercise

Paleo Diet - Exercise

If you have time to run or jog in the morning or the evening, then this can be your daily dose of exercise as part of your Paleo lifestyle. You need not run for miles, but running daily can be enough to burn off those unwanted calories you’ve got from eating quality paleo diet meats. It is important to run or jog daily as it will help to condition your body and prevent you from suffering from any kind of soreness after you’ve exercised.



This need not be done daily, but hiking can definitely prove beneficial to your body, whether you choose to follow a Paleo lifestyle and diet or not. This allows you to be close to nature, which was always the case for our cavemen ancestors. Plus, the activities involved with hiking allow our bodies and minds to develop good coordination to trek with no problems and/or accidents.

Push-Ups And Pull-Ups

Push Ups

These may not be easy for beginners, but these are the basics of any exercise routine. Once your body gets used to pushups and pull-ups, you’ll find it easier to do other kinds of exercises. The key to being successful in these exercises is starting slow and gradually increasing the number of pushups and pull-ups you can do whilst you lose weight. The muscles in your body will become much stronger and leaner as it burns away the stored fat.


Paleo Diet Exercises - Planking

If you think this exercise is way too simple, then wait until you try it. Planking may look simple, but it requires steady muscle control. Plus, it is an exercise that tests your balance. A much similar exercise you may want to try instead of planking is squats.

Just Keep Moving

You may not consider this an exercise, but it can be a very effective alternative compared to other exercises that some include as part of their Paleo lifestyle. There may be days you just can’t do all the above exercises.  There are other ways to ensure that you remain active throughout the day.

When going down or up to a different floor in the building where you work or, don’t take the lift use the stairs instead. If you need to buy something, don’t go for online delivery; instead, go shopping for yourself. Doing chores daily can make a big difference, and try to move large objects, appliances or furniture now and then. These are all great ways for working up a sweat and to work your muscles.

Just Keep Moving

The principles behind such exercises as part of a Paleo lifestyle are not about doing things that are strenuous, but it’s all about being more active. In fact, when it comes to exercising as part of your new Paleo diet lifestyle, avoid any kind of prolonged cardio exercise. Remember that your aim is to lose and maintain your ideal weight. Make sure you don’t overexert yourself and start off with your body’s capacity and gradually increase the repetitions as you continue to follow your new Paleo diet food list in order for your body to cope better with the changes you’ve made.

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