Paleo Recipe - Roast Turkey

Paleo Roast Turkey

A Paleo Food Recipe You’ll Love

When celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas, the star of the table is the turkey. Each person will be more than willing to fill their plate with roast turkey, savoring each bite of this traditional meal. But besides tradition, there is more to Paleo food recipe for roast turkey that you need to know.

Paleo Diet - Roast Turkey

A table without a roasted turkey at a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner is a nightmare. Having roast turkey is a tradition that has endured throughout the years, and it has also benefited many people and their health. The tradition of eating turkey started on the fateful day of the first Thanksgiving in 1621. Turkey fowl was dominant in the wild and could be caught throughout the year, thus making it an ideal supply of meat from as early as the 16th century. It was not until the 17th century that it became popular in England as a specialty dish during the holidays. The rest, as they say, is history.

Turkey meat is definitely Paleo approved and we can enjoy it not only during the holidays. This recipe is not your ordinary roast turkey, we made sure that you get to enjoy yours with as many health benefits as possible. And when it comes to health benefits, turkey is one food that you should not miss on your Paleo food list. Before giving you the recipe, here are some benefits of eating Paleo turkey meat that will make you enjoy this dish even more.

A Paleo Food Lean with Protein

Paleo Food - Turkey

Most lean meat contains protein, but turkey meat contains some of the highest levels of protein of all the meats you can eat as part of your Paleo lifestyle. Getting a good dose of protein provides your body with energy. This is also the reason why you feel full longer when you eat an ample amount of lean meat. Protein helps repair and maintain your body’s tissues and keeps your muscles, bones, hormones, and enzymes in their best condition.

Vitamin B Mix

Turkey meat contains important vitamins, which includes a broad spectrum of Vitamin B. These vitamins not only help the body stay healthy, they also reduce the risk of you getting sick. Vitamin B along with other nutrients can help your immune system to work at its optimum levels. Because you absorb a high level of vitamins and other nutrients, your body functions well, your cells regenerate faster and stay healthier, and you are at least risk of developing common or life-threatening diseases.

Fewer Calories, Less Fat

Paleo Diet - Fewer Calories

Unlike popular belief, consuming lean meat hardly contains any calories, bad cholesterol or fats. In fact, lean meat, specifically turkey meat, contains fewer calories and cholesterol and has more good healthy fats. The more organic a turkey is raised, the levels of good fat it contains will be much higher and the levels of pesticide and toxins in it will be much less. This is why Paleo enthusiasts always go for wild turkey or organically raised turkey.

Less Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer

They have carried studies out that looked at the consuming of turkey meat and cancer. It turned out that people eating turkey meat have less chance of getting pancreatic cancer. The study showed positive results in relation to the consumption of turkey meat, whereas other types of lean meat that are on the Paleo food list did not provide the same results. These results also prove that the antioxidants in turkey meat are effective and in large amounts, enough to decrease the growth of pancreatic cancer.

Keeps Insulin At A Safe Level

Diabetics monitor their insulin levels carefully because any drop or increase of insulin in the body can cost them their lives. Eating turkey helps their body to regulate the levels of insulin since turkey meat is rich in protein which keeps blood sugar levels in check. But it is not just diabetics who can benefit from this, even healthy individuals can benefit from healthy insulin and blood sugar level. This reduces their risk of getting diabetes, suffering from obesity and other diseases.

This is why it is fine to have turkey, even when the holidays are still far away. This recipe can bring out the festive feel even on an ordinary weekend.

Paleo Roast Turkey
Recipe Type: Roasting
Cuisine: Dinner
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
A Paleo roast turkey recipe that you can enjoy not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas but throughout the year.
  • 1 Turkey (Preferably Grass-fed or Wild Caught)
  • Duck Fat
  • Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to Taste
  1. • Because roasted turkey needs the oven, preheat your oven to 325°F (177°C).
  2. • In a roasting pan, place your turkey. If you happen to have purchased a frozen turkey, make sure you thaw it properly.
  3. • Season the turkey with the salt and pepper. Make sure you rub the salt and pepper to the skin of the turkey well.
  4. • Stuff the inside of the turkey with pork stuffing. If there are any extra stuffing left, place in a different container and refrigerate.
  5. • With the seasoning and stuffing done, rub the turkey with the duck fat.
  6. • Using a kitchen string, tie the legs together. Tuck the wings of the turkey under the breast.
  7. • When all is set, cover your roasting pan with aluminum foil. Make sure that you cover the roasting pan well to make sure that the turkey will roast well.
  8. • Place the pan in the preheated oven and roast the turkey for 20 minutes per pound (20 minutes per 0.45 kg) at 325°F (177°C). If you are cooking a 16 lb. (7.30 kg) turkey, you will need about 5 hours to cook.
  9. • Around 20-30 minutes before the cooking is done, remove the tin foil. This will give your turkey the golden brown roasted look. You can then cook the remaining stuffing in the oven, too. Place the stuffing in an oven-proof dish and cook it with the turkey.
  10. • Let the turkey rest while cooking your stuffing until it is golden brown or crispy on top.
  11. • Serve the stuffing and the roasted turkey and you’ll definitely have a great meal!

This recipe can work for any occasion including at weekends or during the week. But you don’t have to roast your turkey meat all the time. Here are other ways of cooking turkey meat:


Paleo Recipes - Smoking

This way of cooking is one of the more ancient but healthier techniques. As the name implies, smoking uses smoke instead of direct heat to cook different meat. This provides a different aroma and adds a smoky taste to the meat. Yet the meat itself remains tender and juicy.  Plus you’ll find that is much healthier for you than the smoked processed foods you can buy in your local grocery store.


Another way of healthy cooking, this time via direct heat. Grilling is not just for BBQ’s, it’s also good for fish, veggies, and turkey! It can sometimes provide you with almost the same tenderness and aroma of that of smoked turkey. But the cooking time is faster and the skin will have a charred, irresistible crispness to it.


Brining is a method that uses a salt bath or water with salt. This method allows the turkey to keep its natural juices. Though the Paleo diet does not allow salty food, this does not disqualify brining. Brining is a method of pre-cooking which means you will need to rinse off the salt after the curing process. Brining can be done before you smoke or roast the turkey.


Paleo Diet Recipe - Stewing

Stewing will not be last on the list. Adding turkey meat to a stew can be a better alternative than chicken and other types of meat on your Paleo food list since it is leaner and brings out a great umami taste. Throw in some Paleo veggies and your turkey stew will be a hit.

Deep Fry/Frying

Perhaps this is not the healthiest, but you can always do this on your “cheat” day. You can still make your deep fried turkey meat by using Paleolithic era approved fats and oils. You can also remove any excess oil from your deep fried turkey so you have a healthier meal.

Bringing home a freshly hunted turkey would be great, but we would often only have the option to buy frozen turkey meat. When buying a frozen turkey, find organic or wild caught if possible instead of the farm-raised turkeys. And before cooking the turkey, you need to make sure you have thawed it correctly. This step of cooking a turkey is sometimes not done correctly, usually leading to under-cooked turkey or contamination of the meat.

Paleo Recipe - Defrosting Turkey

There are two usual methods you can use for defrosting turkey meat: refrigeration thawing or cold water thawing. Refrigeration thawing means you can thaw your frozen turkey in your fridge. This enables the meat to stay cold and avoid any contamination and still thaw properly. As the name implies, cold water thawing requires cold water. This process also thaws turkey meat while keeping it at the right temperature. This method, however, will need a clean container and cover to keep it from being contaminated. Whatever method you use, always keep in mind that thawing also depends on the weight of the bird. How long it takes for the bird to thaw perfectly will depend on how much it weighs.

Preparing turkey for your family need not be hard. With so many ways to cook this meat, there is no reason to not add it into your own Paleo food list. With turkey meat, you are assured of better health and better meals to come.

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