Paleo Diet - For Weight Loss

Paleo Diet For Weight Loss: How To Make It Effective

Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals On A Paleo Diet

Even when you are following the Paleo diet, it does not guarantee that you’ll lose weight. There are some things we do and don’t realize that can affect our weight loss. Although the Paleo diet is one of the most effective for weight loss. You must also consider other things that are affecting your body.  Especially if considering following the Paleo diet for weight loss purposes.

There are a lot of reasons for people to follow the Paleo diet plan and most of these reasons often lead to one common goal: weight loss.

However, even the Paleo diet seems ineffective to some and only lead to them gaining weight instead of increased muscle mass or weight loss. Such a diet will often lead to better weight loss.  As well as helping a person to maintain the weight they have aimed for.

So What Goes Wrong?

Why sometimes do people gain weight even when following the Paleo diet?

Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

There are a variety of people who practice the Paleo diet. Some are cross fitters or athletes who seek a protein-rich diet. Some are parents with children who want to get their families to follow a more healthy and realistic diet. Some are people battling diseases that need a healthy and balanced diet plan.

Weight loss is just one of the many benefits when following the Paleo diet.  Yet it is the main one that encourages most people to follow it.

Why Do People Want To Lose Weight?

Since weight loss is one reason why many people go Paleo, it is right to talk about the benefits of weight loss. Weight loss isn’t just about looking good, it provides a person more than just being “vain”.

You Live Longer

Weight loss will help your body to become stronger, reducing the risk of you developing diseases that are often linked with being overweight or obese.  In people who are overweight, the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes is much greater.

Therefore, if a person has already been diagnosed with a disease that is linked to obesity or being overweight, weight loss is not just an option but a necessity.

It Makes You Feel Good

Losing weight makes a person feel good and can prevent depression. There are cases of people who get easily depressed with the way they look. Then there are those who get mocked because of their weight. By practicing a good lifestyle and following a healthy diet, they will achieve weight loss and can bring about great differences in how a person sees themselves. Perhaps this may be called vanity by some, but this is a healthy vanity that each one must understand to be appreciated.

When you practice a good lifestyle and follow a healthy diet weight loss can be achieved.  It can also bring about some big changes in how a person sees themselves. Perhaps this is called vanity by some. But this is a healthy vanity we all need to understand to be appreciated.

Another reason why people want to lose weight is because of their lifestyle. For those who are into sports, you will definitely need to lose a few pounds. You’ve probably gained some to maintain your performance levels.

As for celebrities, they need to maintain a good figure.  They look for the diet that will work with the lifestyle they lead.

Why Follow The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss?

There are people who are skeptical in terms of the food and lifestyle that Paleo is made up of. This is because it harks back to a time when there were many huge predators around.  These are the predators that our ancestors needed to run from.

But these days we don’t have to catch or forage for what we eat.  Therefore, we don’t need to “live or eat” as our ancestors in the Paleolithic era did? Right?

Apparently, we can. The Paleo diet is the best, if not the perfect, combination of food and lifestyle. The Paleo diet includes the best weight loss foods that fill your stomach easily and eliminate your cravings to eat more.

The foods you should avoid when losing weight don’t appear on any basic Paleo diet food list. There are plenty of great alternatives you can include in place of these foods.  The ones that have caused you to gain weight.

The Paleo diet for weight loss is made up of meals that will help you lose weight.  Plus, you’ll find that these meals don’t taste bland.

But don’t you need to run often, just like our ancestors did?

No, you don’t have to.

However, you do need to exercise regularly.  It need not be strenuous unless you are into heavy sports and bodybuilding.

If you can’t exercise, then MOVE, JUST MOVE!

Being active lets you sweat, and sweat is a good sign that your body is burning the fats.  It is helping you to shed some kilos you’ve gained.

Eating the right kinds of foods is important.  It helps to boost your metabolism. This plays a vital role when someone is trying to lose weight.

Another reason why the Paleo diet can be an effective way to lose weight is because of the lifestyle it promotes. You will make meals from scratch and you will only eat as much as you need.

This diet doesn’t require you to starve yourself.  Nor does it ask you to work out like there’s no tomorrow.

What it requires you to do is get plenty of sleep.  Sleep helps your body to recover and prepare itself ready for the next day.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your metabolism slows down.  This makes you feel a lot hungrier.  So you can imagine that this will affect your weight.

These are just some reasons why the Paleo diet for weight loss will prove so good for you.

Speaking Of Foods, Which Ones Should You Eat?

As mentioned earlier, the Paleo diet is filled with foods that help with weight loss. These foods are basic compared to other diets but are proven to be effective when it comes to losing weight. Here are some Paleo foods you can eat to achieve the weight you’ve always wanted.


Paleo Diet - Meat

Lean, organic meat, to be exact. Paleo is a diet which promotes lean meat, which has been under a big misconception for many years. Meat, especially lean meat, can make you lose weight by making you feel full faster and for longer. This means the food you eat will be digested well and burned along with the fat deposits without causing more fat deposits. Lean meat also produces essential fatty acids which can lower bad cholesterol in the body.

Green, Leafy And Colorful Veggies

These are basic and Paleo is filled with vegetables. Vegetables have a generous amount of fiber and antioxidants which are both great in removing fat deposits and even toxins. Green, leafy vegetables are also filling, just like meat, and can keep you energized for hours. Kale, carrots, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage are just a few of the vegetables you can choose from and they taste wonderful, too!

Nuts And Seeds

Paleo Diet Food

These are the most common snacks in the Paleo diet and are also great for taking off a little weight. Just like meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds are sure to get you going when your body asks for energy. Nuts and seeds also produce good fats which can boost your metabolism and keep insulin at a normal level in your body.

Olive, Walnut And Coconut Oil

These oils are Paleo approved and all have fats that help improve the body’s metabolism and produce fats that help the heart. Coconut oil, in particular, is one of the best oils that can help the body change body fats into energy, helping you get rid of fat deposits easily. Olive oil is brimming with fats that help the body produce hormones responsible for breaking down fats and using it as fuel for the body. Walnut oil helps in improving your metabolism and your insulin by activating genes in your body.

I Am Eating All These, So Why Am I Still Fat?

Yes, the Paleo diet contains many foods that can help your weight gain issue, but you also need to know that even on Paleo, there are foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. These are usually some fresh and dried fruits which have a high sugar content. Examples are pomegranate, mangoes, and raisins.

Sugar is one cause of weight gain since it messes with your body’s insulin production and can have more calories than you can imagine. Starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, are also a “no” when you are trying to lose weight. Again, these starchy veggies can cause a calorie surge in your body. But if you are into rigorous sports or any other activities, potatoes and other starchy vegetables along with some fruits can be a great source of energy.

Another reason is you are starving yourself, which is not a Paleo diet principle. Moderation is the key to better and effective weight loss. When you starve yourself, you’ll crave more food throughout the day. If you want to reduce your food intake, you can do so gradually and with foods that can fill your tummy and provide energy for hours on end. You must also match your food intake with the activities you do throughout the day. If you enjoy strenuous activities, eat enough food that your body can burn the energy it needs.

As mentioned above, you need to be active and have a good nights sleep. Any Paleo diet for weight loss plan doesn’t just rely on food. You’ll notice with many Paleo diet success stories they don’t just show consuming more food but also having an active lifestyle and plenty of sleep. You must also drink lots of fluids, but not the carbonated and overly sweet drinks. Water is best but you can also try refreshing coconut water for a change.

The awareness of people about how they look and how healthy they are on the inside can reflect on their willingness to lose weight. No matter how effective a diet is deemed to be when it comes to weight loss, the willingness of a person to change is also a big factor. Although the Paleo diet is one of the best and healthiest when followed, it is still a person’s discipline and willingness to change their health status that will eventually make weight loss success. And with that, we’ll leave you with these words to ponder.

“The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is needful to have the instrument in good order.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

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