Paleo Pocket Guide

Ever Needed A Quick Reference To Paleo?

This Paleo Pocket Guide is a superb resource that puts all the important aspects relating to following a Paleo lifestyle in just one place.   

Each section of The Ultimate Pocket Guide helps to ensure that you stick to your new Paleo Diet and Lifestyle more easily.

This Paleo diet guide provides you with the following:

11 Reasons To Choose A Paleo Lifestyle

Here you can see quickly some of the most important health benefits to be gained from choosing to follow the Paleo diet because of the elimination of processed foods from your diet .

An Easy Portion Size Guide

At a quick glance, you can easily work out just how much food should be on your plate when following any Paleo diet recipes.  Not only to ensure that you are getting enough of everything you need but also to ensure that you are only eating what you require before you begin to prepare any Paleo reccipes.   Especially important for those who are looking to follow the Paleo diet in order to lose weight.

Suggested Supplements

We all know how important it is to get the nutrients that our body’s needs from food.   But including these additional supplements into your diet when eating Paleo will ensure that your health is improved further.

Foods To Enjoy

As well as explaining which foods you should be eating it also tells you at a glance just how much of each meal these should make up.   Plus don’t forget it is important that the Paleo food you are now enjoying is as fresh as possible.  This also goes for any Paleo snacks you want to include in your diet.

Foods To Avoid

This pocket guide for the Paleo diet will show you just what foods you should be avoiding, all of which can prove detrimental to your health.   Remember the Caveman diet is one that is designed around us eating like our Palaeolithic ancestors did.  So plenty of fresh food (meats, seafood and fruits and vegetables) rather than refined or processed foods.

Foods To Swap

With you being asked to eliminate certain foods from your diet you may find it hard to replace them.  But with The Ultimate Pocket Guide to the Paleo diet to hand you can quickly see what foods  you can eat in place of them and which are nutrient dense.

Top 3 Paleo Food Choices

When it comes to shopping for your Paleo diet, of course, you want to buy the best quality food that you can.  In this section, it provides you with a quick and easy reference guide to what you should be looking for next time you do your grocery shopping.

This quick and easy reference Paleo diet guide is designed to be printed out and folded and kept in a purse, pocket or wallet.

We hope you find this particular diet guide to be very useful?

You can download or print a full sized copy: Click here


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