Paleo Diet: The Basics That Every Athlete Should Know

Why The Paleo Diet Is Good For Athletes

Athletes are people who have more than just a strict training routine but are also strict with their diet. In searching for the best diet that athletes can maintain, the Paleo diet has become popular. If you are new to this diet, here are the basics regarding the Paleo diet for athletes you must know.

These are the facts about the Paleo diet for athletes that can help you or your loved one to decide if the Paleo diet can be useful for your activities as an athlete.

Have you ever heard of athletes are into a Paleo style diet? For years now, more and more athletes seem to enjoy eating like a caveman, and they seem to enjoy what the Paleo diet is doing to their bodies. However, there is a lot of speculation and questions lingering around the Paleo diet plan regarding the pros and cons it brings to athletes. Are the Paleo principles good for athletes? Are there foods in a Paleo style diet that fit an athletes’ diet perfectly? Should an athlete really “eat like a caveman” on the Paleolithic or Caveman diet?

Paleo Diet For Athletes

In order for us to understand what the Paleo diet can do for athletes, we must first understand what the Paleo diet is. The Paleo diet introduces eating fresh and highly unprocessed foods, just as cavemen would have eaten in their days. But it does not stop there. In most Paleo diet guidelines, exercise or being active also plays a big role in the Paleo style diet. Though the Paleo or Caveman diet may emphasize foods, having an active lifestyle is also given credit for making the diet a success.

What to eat on this diet is one thing but having an active lifestyle is another important and indispensable aspect of the Paleo lifestyle that a person must follow. This is based on how our ancestors would have lived, being active all the time to provide food and protect their families. Our ancestors would probably have hunted and foraged for food most of the day and moved from place to place when food was getting depleted in the area where they were currently living. In cavemen times, they are not the most dangerous prey and it is another reason for them to keep moving.

Caveman Lifestyle

If you think about it, the Paleo or Caveman diet principles can work better for athletes more than any other diet can. It is a combination of natural and healthy foods and an active lifestyle- both important for dedicated athletes. The Paleolithic diet plan can even get rid of the use of performance enhancers and dangerous drugs that some athletes resort to coping with their strenuous activities. The Paleo diet is the answer to having an all-natural approach for athletes who want to not only excel in their sport but also in their lifestyle.

If you are still not convinced how the Paleo diet lifestyle is suitable for athletes, here are some benefits that an athlete can gain from it. For these benefits, we will focus on those that will meet an athlete’s needs and not just the regular needs of an ordinary individual.

Paleo Foods Provide A Better Source Of Energy

There are so many foods in the Paleo diet that are proven to be the best source of energy, as compared to the empty carbs that some diets present. This diet includes foods that produce sustainable energy for the body to use. These foods mostly contain proteins, fats and other nutrients that can be burned by our bodies as fuel effectively. Because Paleo foods virtually leave no fat deposits that can cause gain weight, it becomes ideal for athletes as the next reason will explain.

Paleo Diet Promotes Weight Maintenance

If you are into any sport, you know well how much a little weight gain can affect your performance. When you gain even the slightest amount of weight, you will become tired easily and your muscles and joints may feel sorer than usual. There will also be other complications that an athlete may feel when they gain weight. Therefore, all athletes maintain a certain weight at all times that is considered being healthy. Paleo diet foods contain a great amount of dietary fiber and antioxidants that can not only help prevent excessive weight gain but also remove toxins, excess fats and free radicals that can affect the body.

Helps With Weight Maintenance

Paleo Diet Eliminates The Need For Protein Shakes And Other Muscle Enhancers

Athletes have used protein shakes and muscle enhancers to help them enhance their muscle growth. These enhancers are common for both professional and amateur athletes to find these as the best way to get the muscle mass that is fit for the sport they are involved in. however, the effects of these enhancers may cause more harm in the future. There are cases of athletes developing chronic diseases because of the enhancers they have taken while they were active in their respective fields.

These side effects can be eliminated by following a diet that introduces better and healthier foods which can still provide energy and enough protein to build muscles. The Paleo diet is known to include foods that are rich in protein, such as lean meat and nuts. Because our ancestors needed to be active most of the time, they also had the need for stronger muscles and bones which could help them get away from the animals they were hunting. Muscles built with nutritious foods are still stronger and Paleo foods will not cause harm to an athlete’s body.

Paleo Foods Contain The Natural Goodness Of Fresh Foods

In most Paleo diet guidelines, you will notice one thing: the foods are fresh, nutritious and beneficial for the body. This diet does not just focus on one nutrient but combines nutrients, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. For many years, the leading cause of illnesses is processed foods, regardless if you are an athlete or not. Preventing illnesses through healthy foods and an active lifestyle as an athlete will not only increase performance but will also lead to a longer life.

Paleo Foods Contain The Natural Goodness Of Fresh Foods

Paleo Foods Can Speed Up Recovery

Because Paleo diet foods include antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods which can help reduce recovery time not only for athletes but also for people who are experiencing diseases that cause inflammation such as rheumatism. Injuries are also common to athletes, so having foods that can help in recovery is ideal. Recovery for athletes is very important since being in recovery can dull their performance and will mean lost time for training.

Paleo Lifestyle Is Ideal For Athletes

With all the reasons above, it is just obvious that the Paleo diet is great for athletes and non-athletes alike. Since the Paleo or Caveman diet is derived from the era where our ancestors were active and always on the move to gather food or save themselves from bigger, fiercer predators. You can imagine how lean and built the bodies of our ancestors were and how much of the food they ate is identical to modern Paleo foods. So whether you are a bodybuilder, a tri-athlete or into cross-fit, you will find the Paleo style diet and Paleo guidelines easier and less complicated than other diets that claim to be ideal for athletes.

The Paleo diet is definitely a great option for athletes who want to try a diet that truly works. However, remember that getting an expert’s opinion regarding your health is a must, whether you are an athlete. Although Paleo diet foods are healthy, there may be some foods that can trigger allergies and other reactions within your body. Getting into the Paleo diet can become a better alternative for you as an athlete and this diet is a fun diet you can even spread to your friends and family.


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