Paleo Food - Dehydrator

How To Go About Buying Your First Dehydrator

Making Your Own Paleo Food Snacks – Buying Your First Dehydrator

There are plenty of inexpensive dehydrators you can purchase these days that you can use to make some amazing Paleo food with. In the beginning, using what I would call an entry-level machine. These are simple to use, then once you have learned how to use such equipment you can decide whether you want to buy something a little more advance.

Paleo Food - Dehydrator

However, before you do invest money in such equipment it is important that you read through any reviews first. This way you then ensure that you are purchasing a dehydrator that you really need, and will use.

When buying your first dehydrator you need to make sure that yours comes with:

1. Adjustable Thermostat
2. 5 Trays Initially But Allows You To Add More If Needed
3. Has at least 600W of Power

Let’s face it not all of us have lots of space in our kitchen for a dehydrator and one with only 5 trays is just perfect. Ideally, you should be using one that allows the separate trays to stack one on top of the other so that it then creates a single unit.

Nesco Food Dehydrator

You need to know that there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using such dehydrators. However the main advantages to using ones like say the Nesco Snackmaster is this is one of the cheaper units available and as it has separate trays it allows you to adjust the way it is used to meet your particular Paleo food needs.

However, if the need arises it is easy enough to purchase additional trays to make a unit that is enormous. Although it may only have 600w motor the Nesco Snackmaster can accommodate up to 20 trays without it causing it any real problems.

The only issue you will have with using a stackable dehydrator is that it doesn’t have enough space inside to allow for you to place bread dough in it to help it rise or make your own yogurt. For tasks like this, you will need to invest in a cabinet style dehydrator like the Ronco Turbo EZ Store Food Dehydrator or one of the many from Excalibur.

Paleo Food

Investing in a dehydrator that comes with an adjustable thermostat is important; ideally, look for one that allows you to adjust the temperature inside the unit between 95 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are new to dehydrating using such equipment might seem unnecessary initially but makes a huge difference to the results you achieve. You’ll find as you move on from dehydrating slices of apple that things work a lot better when you fine tune things. For example, when drying out herbs the temperature inside should be low to keep all that flavor in. Whereas, if you want to make your own Paleo food biltong or jerky then you must turn the temperature up.

However, one thing you often find with the more basic models on the market is that they aren’t fitted with a timer. But that shouldn’t be a problem because most of us have clocks or an app on our phones, iPads or tablets that we can use.

When it comes to buying a dehydrator as long as you keep in mind the points mentioned above finding one that not only suits your budget but also your needs shouldn’t prove a problem. Then in no time at all, you could make yourself some amazing Paleo food that you can incorporate into your Paleo diet.

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