Paleo Food - Benefits Of Dehydrated Food

Benefits To You Of Using Dehydrated Foods

Benefits Of Dehydrated Foods For You

There are many different cooking processes that we are now using to help extend the shelf life of the lovely fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats we enjoy as part of our Paleo diet. However, one method that seems to grow in popularity is that called Dehydration which results in long-lasting dehydrated foods.

This method requires some specialist equipment, namely a food dehydrator. The cost of which may put you off considering using this method of cooking. However, as you will see from below and which is the reason why I am considering investing in such equipment myself there are many benefits to be gained from choosing to dehydrate food.

Benefit 1

You will find that the flavour from the dehydrated fruits and vegetables is much more intense. In fact, every dried slice of fruit or vegetable provides you with more flavour than a fresh slice does.

Dehydrated Food - Fresh Vegetables

Benefit 2

If you are a parent then you are being able to offer a new way of providing your children with healthy snacks that are tasty and which they enjoy.

Benefit 3

You will always be able to enjoy your favourite fruits or vegetables even when they aren’t in season. When it comes to fruit and vegetables then the ones that are in season are the ones that tend to be cheaper. Remember as you dry out the food you are keeping all its fresh goodness and at a fraction of the cost you pay for foods that have been dehydrated commercially.

Paleo Food - Dehydrated Foods - Apricots

Benefit 4

The whole process to dry out food is simple. The equipment needed doesn’t have to be fancy and you can easily get what you need by going online. Plus online you will find plenty of tips and advice about how to do go about dehydrating food for yourself.

Benefit 5

It offers you a lot more variety when it comes to preparing meals. It isn’t only possible to dehydrate fresh foods you can also do the same with canned and frozen foods also.

Benefit 6

Unlike some other foods, when foods have been dehydrated they lose little of their nutritional value and they also maintain their water-soluble minerals and vitamins.

Dehydrated Raw Meat

Benefit 7

Dehydration allows you to dry out your own herbs so you won’t have to pay over the odds for fresh anymore. Plus you won’t have to sit and watch them rotting in the fridge.

Benefit 8

For those of you where space is an issue then you will find dehydrated foods ideal. Once dried out the food takes up less space, for example, 20 pounds of fresh tomatoes once sliced and dried out will fit into 2 large glass jars that can then be stored in a cupboard.

Paleo Food - Dried Herbs

Benefit 9

No longer will you have to be worried that you will run out of something because you’ll have dehydrated versions in your cupboard, refrigerator or freezer.

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