Spinach - Why Include In Paleo Diet

Spinach – Why It Should Be Included In Your Paleo Diet

Why Eat Spinach When Following The Paleo Diet

Not only does spinach taste delicious it is also packed with nutrients. However, these aren’t the only reasons why you should be including this vegetable in your Paleo diet as you will see below there are many reasons spinach is to be considered as a superfood.

Paleo Diet Food - Spinach


Reasons To Include Spinach In Your Paleo Diet Meals

1. If you will include spinach in your Paleo diet then make sure that you eat the tenderer baby leaves. The older the plant is when it is harvested is much tougher and stringy. Also, when shopping for spinach make sure you choose the ones that have been placed under direct light, as these contain even more nutrients than those that have been stored in the dark.

Paleo Food - Baby Spinach


2. You will find by cooking spinach it helps to boost the health benefits you receive from. Eating a ½ cup of cooked spinach is going to with three times as much nutrition as you would get from eating 1 cup of spinach that is raw. The reason for this being is that our bodies have a lot of difficulty in being able to break down the nutrients to be found in raw spinach completely.

Paleo Diet - Spinach & Eggs


3. However, there is one exception to point 2 above and that is in studies carried out it has been shown that drinking the juice made from spinach is the healthiest way to enjoy this vegetable. Combine this with other fruits and vegetables to make a delicious tasting glass of juice or use it to make a smoothie. I make a glass of juice that comprises carrots, apples, ginger, and spinach. These kinds of Paleo diet recipes may not look all that inviting but they do taste great.

Paleo Food - Spinach Juice


4. You need to know that in spinach there is a compound called Oxalic Acid. The problem with this compound is that it prevents your body, being able to absorb iron and calcium. However, there is a way to get around this problem and that is to make sure that you combine the spinach with a food rich in Vitamin C. Two such fruits that come to mind to me are mandarin oranges and mango. Plus another way to help reduce the strength of this compound in spinach is to boil it for no less than 2 minutes.

Paleo - Food Rich In Vitamin C


5. Never freeze spinach, as it actually will reduce the health benefits you receive from it. If you really want to get the most from this vegetable make sure that you buy it fresh and then eat it on the day you purchased it.

Paleo Food - Never Freeze Spinach



6. You’ve probably heard how good spinach is for building bones and providing nourishment to your eyes. However, you may not have heard about how good it is for your digestive system. Along with helping to ease constipation, spinach also will protect the mucous lining of your stomach and this will prevent you from developing ulcers in this area of your body. Plus it contains compounds in it that help to remove toxins from your colon.

7. One final lesser-known Paleo diet health benefits regarding spinach is that it can prove effective in caring for your skin. The abundance of minerals and vitamins in this vegetable could provide quick relief to those who suffer from dry or itchy skin. Plus it will help to make their complexion and yours look more radiant. If you were to consume juice regularly made with fresh organic spinach could help to improve the condition of your skin quickly.

Spinach - Healthy Skin

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