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5 Important Reasons For Including MCT Oil In Your Paleo Diet Now

Why Include MCT Oil In Your Paleo Diet Regime

Yes, the Paleo diet also includes healthy fats and oils. MCT oil is now appearing on most diet food lists, including Paleo. But what is it? What benefits does this oil bring to the human body?

Throughout the years, many people have realized the dangers of choosing the wrong oil to cook their foods with. Many healthier oils have now surfaced, some of which are backed up by studies. There are also oils part of the Paleo diet food list, including olive oil and coconut oil, and recently, MCT oil is being used by people are into the Paleo or Ketogenic diet.

Is MCT Oil Really As Healthy As It Promises?

Before answering questions about this oil, let us first review the oils present in the market today. There are oils that are rich in trans, unsaturated and saturated fats. Unsaturated fats the kinds that some health experts recommend since these help lower cholesterol levels. Oils from plants, such as olive oil, usually contain unsaturated fats.

Partially hydrogenated oils contain trans fat, a type of fat that will raise your cholesterol level. Saturated fats are in some forms of tropical oil such as coconut and palm oils. These oils become solid even at room temperature. Although some of these saturated fats are healthy, they must be used in moderation.  When preparing any Paleo food, it is important that you use any oils or fats when cooking sparingly.

What Is MCT Oil?

MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides oil falls under the saturated fats banner. This oil is derived from other saturated oils, such as coconut or palm oil. They claim that the concentration of fatty acids in MCT oils is better than that of ordinary saturated oils. This is why many people, even those practicing other diets, are also getting excited about the possible health benefits from this oil.

Paleo Diet - What Is MCT Oil?

The best forms of this oil are made up of between 6-12 carbons, which makes it easier for the body to process. Just like coconut oil, this oil can be used for cooking and even eaten on its own. Quite a lot of people now drink Bulletproof Coffee.  This is a drink that combines this oil with coffee and unsalted butter. Just because you enjoy a Paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean that coffee is no longer acceptable.  You can still a cup or two of Java each day.  But if you want to try a Bulletproof coffee, you need to make sure that use unsalted butter that has come from grass-fed cows.

There are several companies that are now manufacturing and distributing this form of oil in the market today, so finding one you can use shouldn’t prove difficult.  The best place to look for this oil to include in your Paleolithic diet recipes is your local health food store.

This oil also contains certain fatty acids known as MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) which can prove beneficial to your health.  Two of the main fatty acids that you’ll find in this type of oil are known as lauric acid and caprylic acid.

Benefits Of MCT Oil

Healthy fats and oils are very important for the body to function well, and some even contribute to maintaining an ideal weight. This is why even those who are following a modified Paleo diet, having oils and fats is a part of the food list. Today this oil is gaining in popularity with those who enjoy a Paleo diet lifestyle since they derive it from coconut oil and it is healthy.

Here are just a few of the health benefits that people are going crazy about and why they include this oil into their Paleo diet.

Can Aid Weight Loss On A Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet - Can Aid Weight Loss

The fat in MCT is burned much more easily and does not become a “stored fat”. It also helps our bodies to burn off stored fats far more easily as it helps to improve our metabolism, and it aids weight loss. You’ll find that this type of oil helps to reduce the amount you eat by helping you to feel “fuller for longer”.  This helps to suppress the urge to eat several times a day.

Better Energy Levels

Better Energy Levels

Since we can easily digest this kind of oil, it provides a good source of energy to our body that can last throughout the day. This oil is easily absorbed and the energy it produces is distributed immediately throughout the body. As it can be digested easily, it is great to improve how our liver functions.  Again, this leads to improved metabolism and how our body uses the energy stored in it.

Improves Brain And Heart Health

Paleo Diet - MCT Oil - Improves Brain & Hearth Health

This type of oil is also known to help the body produce a component known as ketone a brain fuel. This brain fuel helps a person to think more clearly and may even decrease the possibility of someone developing Alzheimer’s disease. This oil also helps to improve how blood sugar levels in the body it regulates blood sugar levels in the body, which may not only help to improve our metabolism but help to maintain a healthier weight and so improve the health of our heart. This can help to reduce the risk of someone developing heart disease or other illnesses associated with being overweight.

Keeps Your Gut Healthy

Keeps Your Gut Healthy

Sometimes the body finds it too hard to digest food and other nutrients, but this isn’t the case with this oil. People who have absorption issues, such as those who suffer from Chron’s Disease, may find that when they consume MCT oil regularly helps to provide some relief from this condition. This is because it protects their digestive system.

Great Source Of Antioxidants

Paleo Diet - Great Source Of Antioxidants

MCT oil contains high levels of antioxidants that help improve the body’s immune system functions. It helps to kill off pathogenic viruses and bacteria that can cause health issues such as diarrhea and food poisoning. It is also known to destroy bad bacteria without harming the good bacteria that can be found in our bodies.

MCT oil shows a lot of promise with its known and still growing list of benefits. Its introduction gives people another option when choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle. If still in doubt, however, you can always ask your physician, nutritionist, or any other medical expert about its health benefits. There is nothing wrong in knowing more about this oil, especially if it will ensure that you lead a much better, healthier life.

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