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Are Paleo Diet Foods Healthy For Everyone?

Is Eating Paleo Diet Foods Right For You?

The Paleo diet is meant to make a person have better health. However, there may be some who cannot benefit from Paleo diet foods and it’s good to know if you are one.

When getting into a new diet, it’s natural for some to get too excited. This high-level of excitement may not be helpful in terms of health because the basics of research and planning are overlooked. Without proper planning and research, some people end up not achieving anything in the diet plan they chose. The tendency is to experience some unhealthy effects that can pose danger to their bodies. This is true even for the Paleo Diet.

There are some foods in Paleo diet plans that do not exactly fit everyone. Although the Paleo diet foods are all considered healthy, some still have adverse effects on the body when consumed in large amounts. Take note, though, that it is better to get your physician’s advice, and nutritionists and Paleo Diet experts. We’ve listed below some group of people who might not do too well on all the food in Paleo Diet.

• Paleo Diet Foods and Allergies

This is common in many types of diet plans and not just the Paleo diet. Paleo is big on nuts, fish and shellfish which are some of the most common allergens in food. You need to remove any foods from the Paleo diet you are allergic to. If you are not sure if you are allergic to some foods, you can always request some allergen tests.

• Sensitive Tummies

There are just some people whose digestive systems are not as tough as others. There are certain foods in a Paleo diet, such as meat, which needs tough tummies to digest properly. There are also some oils, such as coconut oil, that affects the body’s gastrointestinal system. There are some people who get into Paleo diet and do not consider the sensitivity of their tummy and end up constipated and/or have a loose bowel movement.

• Nightshade Nightmare

If you have not heard of any food under the nightshade category, well these foods are present in the Paleo diet and you need to get acquainted with them as early as possible. Tomatoes, bell peppers, white potatoes, paprika, and eggplant are nightshade foods. What makes these foods relatively dangerous is how they affect people with autoimmune diseases. A common autoimmune disease is rheumatoid arthritis. Too much of these nightshades can definitely put a person in a bad situation.

• Can’t Live Without Carbs

Carbs are a common part of any person’s meal plan whether or not dieting. There are staple foods that are mostly carbs in any country around the world. To take off carbs off the menu may prove challenging. Some can do it, others can’t and will revert their appetite to other foods which will only make them crave for more. There are also people who need more glucose from carbs. For this case, Paleo diet foods may not provide the right amount of carbs to reach a certain glucose level that the body needs.

• Same Old Meals Bore You

If you are into different meals and want a varied menu, then the Paleo diet may bore you. There are several meals for a Paleo diet but the ingredients are the same or limited. After trying out a few of the meal plans, you might find yourself with the same meals repeatedly. For people who are naturally adventurous even with food but still want to follow a Paleo diet, this might prove challenging.

• Meat!

If you are not into meat of any kind, then the Paleo diet will definitely not suit your taste. Paleo diet foods are full of meat with a combination of select fruits and veggies. If you are originally a vegan, you probably will shun the Paleo diet immediately. But if you eat a variety of foods, then Paleo might work, but you need to ready your tummy for heavy, protein-rich foods.

• Budget Matters

Our body and mind might be ready for the Paleo diet, but is your pocket up to the challenge? Yes, some of the fruits and vegetables in Paleo diet foods list can be grown in your own backyard, but with the main foods which are meat, you’ll have no choice but to purchase. If you don’t have enough budget to purchase more meat than you usually do, then you’d probably have a hard time coping with the Paleo diet.

If you have no problem with any of the above, then you can look forward to a more healthier lifestyle with the Paleo diet. Just remember results of Paleo diet foods list differ for all people; not everyone will lose weight. And again, an expert’s opinion can still be your best ally in times of doubt.

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