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Give Vegetables A New Twist With The Spiralizer

Before you began following a Paleo diet were you a lover of all things pasta? If you were, now you will have had to eliminate such from your diet.

Yet there is an alternative you may want to consider trying.

Have you ever thought of trying to make your own vegetable pasta? It may not sound all that enticing, but you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Making small changes in the way the vegetable look along with adding a delicious sauce will have you wondering what you were worried about.

However, instead of attempting to create vegetable pasta using a knife, why not consider investing in a Spiralizer!

But Why Spend Money On A Spiralizer?

You will find this particular appliance to be a very useful addition to your kitchen.

This is because it will allow you to enjoy past in the most nutritious and delicious way you ever thought possible.

Paleo Food - Spiralizer

This device is very easy and quick to use and can effectively transform all forms of vegetables into amazing pasta like treats.

Aside from making vegetables looking more enjoyable to eat, there are other benefits to be gained from using such equipment when preparing your Paleo meals.

The first being that this device is able to slice the vegetables so thinly that it makes them much easier to chew. So munching on even raw carrots, beetroot or courgettes is much more pleasurable.

There are numerous different forms of this equipment on the market today. But the one you should consider investing in is the Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer from Spiralizer.

This is a very sturdy model as the company who created it realized that a certain amount of force and exertion is needed when using a vegetable slicer.

In fact, Spiralizer state that theirs is around 30% more heavy duty than those of their competitors.

Paleo Recipe - Spiral Vegetables

Although there aren’t any real problems with using this vegetable slicer, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of first before you decide to invest in one.

The first being that in a number of reviews I’ve looked at.

One complaint seems to be that it doesn’t come with a proper tray into which the vegetables are caught as they are being sliced.

However, the reason for this could be that the company thought it would be more versatile if the vegetables as they were sliced could go straight into the pan or bowl.

So of course before you start using it you need to remember to place a bowl or other receptacle in front of it first.

Another problem you may have when it comes to using such equipment is cleaning it.

If you are like me after using any piece of equipment in your kitchen you want to clean it properly to ensure that no food is left on it.

But of course, you don’t want to be getting too close to the steel blades fitted to it.

The best way to prevent any possible injury is to place the blade in some hot water with a mild detergent and let soak for a few minutes.

If you have a hose attachment on your kitchen sink use this to flush out any remnants of vegetables between the blades, otherwise, a good kitchen brush will help to remove these.

As well as helping you to make more delicious looking meals there are a couple of other great benefits to be had from investing in this particular appliance.

  • The first of these being that it comes with a risk-free lifetime no questions asked warranty.
  • Also, when purchased along with the 3 different blades allowing you to create anything from noodles to pasta strings from vegetables.
  • Plus you’ll find it can help you make really great onion rings. You’ll be given a recipe collection for free that provides you with some really great healthy menu ideas.

Once you’ve purchased a Spiralizer it is important that you learn how to use it correctly.

Here are just a few tips you may find useful when it comes to using such equipment now and in the future.

Tip 1  – Use A Separate Brush For Cleaning Your Spiralizer

Sometimes you may find it difficult to remove entire vegetables from out of the plastic teeth or the blade. You needn’t worry about this.

Investing in a round brush (such as an OXO brush) will help you to clean your Spiralizer more effectively.

Paleo Diet - Spiralizer - Buy A Separate Brush

Make sure to keep the teeth and blades under running water as you clean with the brush.

Also before you start cleaning the brush remember to apply some washing liquid or soap to the teeth and blades first.

The one benefit of investing in an OXO brush is that you fill it with soap and water.  Then as you clean the teeth and blades the soap is applied immediately.

Tip 2 – Cut The Noodles After

As you spiralize any vegetables of course one long noodle is going to be created.  But this isn’t always the case.  The shape of the vegetable can prevent such from occurring or you may find it causes the blades to become jammed.

Yet still the noodles you make can still be quite long.  When it comes to serving them this can prove quite difficult.

Zucchini Noodles - Paleo Food Substitute

The best thing to do to ensure equal portion sizes is to cut the noodles down into more bite-sized portions.  You should do this before you cook them or apply a dressing to them.

It is your choice whether you cut them up into uniformed sized pieces (say an inch in size) or you roughly cut them up.

Whatever you decide you may find that not only are they easy to share out, but also to eat.  Especially when you’ve decided to follow a Paleo lifestyle.

Tip 3 – The Sauce Shouldn’t Be Too Runny

As you cook the noodles you’ve made they are going to release some water.  Of course, cook them for too long and this will result in more water being released.

To prevent this happening it is a good idea to cook the noodles in a skillet or frying pan first.  Once cooked remove using a slotted spoon and place on a paper towel and then pat dry.

Then set them to one side until you are ready to combine them with the sauce you’ve made.

Tip 4 – Noodles Don’t Need Cooking All The Time

The great thing about using this equipment is it allows you to make delicious tasting noodles in a very short space of time.

But instead of cooking them why not eat them raw.  Combine them with a delicious Paleo approved dressing or sauce.

If you use a sauce that you’ve heated up is a great idea.  As not only does it help to warm up the noodles, but also helps to soften them slightly.

Tip 5 – How To Avoid Half Moons

Sometimes you may notice that the vegetables get sliced into half moons when you are trying to make noodles.

Often this situation occurs because the vegetables are quite small in size.  So the best way to prevent this from occurring is to use large vegetables.

Spiralizing - Avoiding Half Moons

Also, this can occur as the vegetable isn’t actually sitting in the middle of the Spiralizer anymore.  To prevent this happening you will need to reposition the vegetable.

This will help to ensure that the central blade of this equipment remains centered.

If you find that this doesn’t work.  Then flip the vegetable over and center it on the other of the blade.

Don’t throw away the half moons.  Instead, use them for making a delicious pasta salad.  They will go down a treat once you add some dressing to them.

You may even find your family asks you to include them more often in their Paleo diet meals.

Tip 6 – Pat Dry Cucumber Noodles

It is important to remember this as a cucumber is made up of 95% water.

As soon as you’ve made your cucumber noodles lay them out flat on some paper towel.  Then cover with some more sheets of paper towel.

Spiralized Cucumber - Paleo Food

Now press down gently on the paper towels and they will absorb the water from the cucumber noodles.  You will have to repeat this process again.  Not forgetting to replace the paper towels first.

Investing in the Spiralizer will be money well spent and along with being a nice addition to your kitchen. It will help to ensure that you eat more healthily as you will find eating vegetables such a more enjoyable experience.

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