Paleo Food - Tips To Get The Most From Your Spiralizer

Tips To Help You Get The Most From Your Spiralizer

Previously I discussed the benefits of using a Spiralizer when cooking Paleo meals. Once you have purchased yours then, of course, it is important that you know how to use it correctly. Here are what I consider are the best tips for cooking with such equipment.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will probably find that I add more tips as my own use of my Spiralizer grows.

Tip 1 – Buy A Separate Brush For Cleaning

Paleo Diet - Spiralizer - Buy A Separate Brush

When having problems getting the entire vegetable out from the plastic teeth or the blade don’t worry. Purchase a round brush (such as the OXO brush) that you can use to clean your Spiralizer with only. As you scrape the teeth and blades with the brush keep it under running water. Remember to apply some washing liquid or soap to the teeth and blades first. However, the great thing about the OXO brush is that you fill it up with soap and water and then as you clean the Spiralizer the soap is emitted.

Tip 2 – After Spiralizing You Should Cut The Noodles

Paleo Recipe - Spiral Vegetables

When you continuously spiralize any vegetable continuously then, of course, one long noodle will be created. However, the unevenness of the vegetable and the possibility that the blades may jam often prevents this from happening. But having said that the noodles you get will still be quite long and when it comes to serving them it can prove challenging.

The best thing you can do ensure that you provide equal portions of these vegetables is to cut the noodles down to more bite size portions before you cook or dress them. You can either cut them up in inch size pieces or just grab a handful then roughly cut. Whatever way you choose you will find that you are getting noodles that are a more regular size, which makes them easier to divide up onto plates as well as to eat as part of your new Paleo lifestyle.

Tip 3 – Don’t Make The Sauce Too Runny

Paleo Recipe - Spiralizer - Sauce

One thing you need to remember is that as you cook the noodles in the sauce they will be releasing water. If you cook them for too long then more water is going to be released.

One way you may want to prevent this from happening is to first cook the noodles in a skillet. After they have cooked remove them from the skillet using a slotted spoon before placing on some paper towel and then patting dry. Now set them aside until you are ready to add them to your sauce.

Tip 4 – You Don’t Need To Cook The Noodles All The Time

Paleo Recipe Tips

The great thing about using a Spiralizer is that you can create delicious tasting noodles in a very short space of time. But instead of cooking them why not just eat them raw with a little dressing or sauce.

Using a hot sauce that you pour over the noodles when raw not only helps to heat them up slightly but also to soften them. The texture may be a little different, but you will find these types of noodles very refreshing.

Tip 5 – How To Avoid Half Moons

Paleo Food

Sometimes you may notice that the vegetables are sliced into half moons when you are attempting to make noodles with your Spiralizer. This is because the vegetable is no longer sitting in the middle of the Spiralizer. In order to avoid this from happening you will need to reposition the vegetable and this will then ensure that the central blade on your Spiralizer remains centred. If this doesn’t work then flipping the vegetable over and center it on the other end of the blade may help.

Rather than getting rid of all those half moons use them to make a pasta salad with. Add some dressing to them and these will go down a real treat, and your family may ask that you include some in your Paleo meal plans.

Tip 6 – Pat Dry Cucumber Noodles

Spiralized Cucumber - Paleo Food

Each time you make noodles with a cucumber make sure that you pat them dry with some paper towel before using them in any Paleo meal as this particular is made up of 95% water. Once the noodles have been made lay them on two layers of paper towel then cover with two more. Now gently press down on the paper towels and this will help the water to be absorbed. You will need to replace both sets of paper towels and repeat the process a second time.

Tip 7 – To Avoid Half Moons And Get More Noodles Use Medium To Large Size Vegetables

Paleo Food

If you place small vegetables on your Spiralizer not only will the noodles you make be much smaller, but also not so many will be produced. This goes for all the blades you Spiralizer comes with. For example, if you were to try to make noodles using a small courgette you will often find that only half moons are produced instead.

Choosing to put much larger vegetables in your Spiralizer will not only ensure you get more noodles but also will ensure that these are much flatter.

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