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Get In Touch With Your Inner Cavewoman


Throughout my blog, of course, I spend most of my time extolling the virtues of following a Paleo diet, plus of course providing you with some really amazing recipes as well.


Feeling good is important but why not start to really get in touch with your inner cavewoman by looking for some really great footwear as well. I have several pairs of moccasins in my wardrobe that I love that was until I was made aware of some amazing looking boots.

Unlike other boots that I have recently seen available in stores local to where I live that cost around the same or even more. What I love is that these are handmade and this then ensures that the pair you receive once ordered is completely unique to you.

But be warned if you leave it too late you may find that the ones you want are out of stock, this is as a result of Gipsy Dharma using cruelty-free sustainable leather to make these stunning boots from. In fact, her boots have become so popular today that the chances of getting what you want are very slim as they normally sell out within a couple of days of them being available on the site.

Plum Croco

Of course, you could go for something a little more conventional, but I actually like the more vibrant colours available. In fact, if there was one pair of boots that I would really like to have in my wardrobe for this summer it would have to be either the Yellow, Plum Croco, or Turquoise knee high boots. Mind you I also have fallen in love with her ankle boots as well.

If you would like to learn more about these stunning boots as well as being in with a chance of winning a pair of them for free then please don’t hesitate to visit the Gipsy Dharma site.

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