Why Cook Your Next Paleo Meal Using Animal Fat

Most of us tend to use either coconut, almond or olive oil for cooking our Paleo meals with.   Yet these aren’t the only ones you can use.  There are some other Paleo friendly fats that you can use.  The ones that we are talking about here are the animal fat kind.   

Over the years such fat has been garnering an extremely bad reputation.   Yet like anything else, this isn’t at all deserved.

So Why Should You Use More Animal Fat When Cooking Paleo Meals?

Most people tend to opt for olive, almond or coconut oil as these are available everywhere.   Yet even though you may not find getting tallow or lard easily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it.

Cook Paleo Meal With Animal Fat

There are several good reasons for using it if you can get it.

1.  It Is Cheaper

A lot of farmers tend to give such away as most people don’t want it.  As it still carries the stigma of being unhealthy so this type of fat tends to get thrown out.   So you often find that you can get it from free or for a small cost.

2.  It Tastes Delicious

You’ll find that using these types of fats when preparing Paleo meals will make a big difference.  You’ll find that they add an extra dimension to the way the food tastes.  I love using some lard to roast carrots and other veggies in.  It adds a little more sweetness to them.  As well as making the exterior much more crispy.

3.  Comes With Some Great Health Benefits

If you are able to use pasture raised fat you’ll find it does prove beneficial.  This is because it contains conjugated linoleic acid.  An acid that your body finds useful in helping it to absorb Vitamin A more easily.

In one study carried out on alcoholic rats, they found it helped to reduce damage to their livers.  This wasn’t the case when they were given corn oil.

But Why Should You Eat More Fat?

There are several reasons why you should make sure that you are eating enough fat.  Some of which we discuss below.

1.  Helps Digestion

It doesn’t become soluble in your blood.  To help emulsify it our livers produce more bile acids from the cholesterol in it.  As it takes several different processes for our body to break down the fat it remains in the body for longer.  In turn, you’ll find that you remain satiated for longer.

It Helps Digestion

2.  Helps Transport Nutrients

Every cell membrane in your body contains fat.  Without it, our bodies wouldn’t be able to transport those all important nutrients around it.  Plus it helps to metabolize across the membranes of the cells.

3.  Body Converts It To Help It Function Better

Once converted your body will use it in a variety of different ways. It will use the fat to help activate certain hormones in the body.  It will also help to strengthen your body’s immune system.

4.  Provides Your Body With Energy

When glucose isn’t available or between meals you’ll find that fat helps.  The triglycerides in it get broken down and then get turned into energy.  Not only helping your body to function but also helps brain’s neurons to function well.

Provides Your Body With Energy

5.  Protects The Body’s Nervous System

Within your body is the Axon, that is part of its nervous system.   It is this that helps signals get transmitted around your body.  Ensuring that it functions as well as it can.  This neuron has a protective coating known as the myelin sheath.  80% of this is made from fats (lipids).  These it can only get through your diet.

Have I Now Convinced You To Give Animal Fat A Try?

If I have here are few tips you may find useful when it comes to buying and cooking with this type of fat.

Before you start using such fat it needs to be rendered down first.  You have two choices here.

1)  You can either buy raw animal fat and then render it down yourself.  To do this the fat needs to be heated until it melts.  This will then lead to any impurities in it rising to the top.  These you then need to remove.   This type you tend to find your local farmer or butcher may have.

2)  The other choice you have is to buy it already rendered.  If you cannot see it in the meat section then you may want to take a look in the freezer section instead.

The kinds of animal fats that you can cook with as part of your Paleo lifestyle include the following:


This comes from pigs and whether raw or rendered it is known as lard.

  Animal Fat

There are a couple of differences between raw and rendered.  Raw lard is often white or pale pink in color.  Plus scraps of meat, skin or connective tissue may still be connected to it.    Whereas the rendered kind is either a pale warm cream or pure white color.  It remains solid at room temperature, and similar in consistency to butter.

You can melt it in a pan, but I prefer to use it in the oven for roasting with.

Tallow or Suet

This comes from the fat of a cow.  Suet is the raw form of this fat, whilst Tallow is the rendered kind.

Paleo Meal - Animal Fat

Suet is white or pale yellow in color and has a crumbly texture.   As for tallow, this is white or cream colored.  As it contains a lot of saturated fat you’ll find it is hard and brittle at room temperature.  To cut tallow up requires a sharp knife.  But a good trick is to melt the tallow down then pour into ice cube molds.  Once done you can then take them out one at a time to then cook with.

As tallow is one of the most stable animal fats it is ideal for cooking with.  This type is ideal when you need to cook food at high temperatures.   Be aware that it has a mild beef flavor.

Duck Fat

Whether in raw or rendered form it is always known as “duck fat”.  But you’ll often find it is easy to get hold of in its rendered form.

The raw form of this fat is white, pale yellow or pink in color.  Normally you’ll find it is still attached to the duck meat.   When you touch it, it feels slightly greasy and soft.   

Cooking With Animal Fat

Where as the rendered form of this fat will be solid but become softer at room temperature.  It will be a creamy white color.

This is great for roasting or confiting vegetables.  Makes any Paleo diet meal feel more decadent.

Chicken Fat (Schmaltz)

Unless you are willing to render the fat from a chicken down yourself you will never find this one in its raw form.  When rendered down chicken fat turns pale to medium yellow color.

As it contains a lot more polyunsaturated fat it won’t remain solid at room temperature.  In fac, as soon as it begins to heat it up it will turn to liquid.

 It has a much lighter flavor compared to duck fat.  You’ll find it is great for frying onions as well as roasting vegetables.  Also, why not add it into some chicken soup next time.  This is because it will intensify the flavor of the soup even further.

As well as being healthy, you’ll find that when you use animal fat to cook Paleo meals it makes them taste even more delicious.   Plus as already mentioned above these types of fat tend to be cheaper to buy.  I promise you once you’ve tried any of these fats you may be wondering why you didn’t use them sooner.   

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