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Apple Cinnamon Grain Free Waffles (No added Sweetener) AKA LURONG Friendly

Sunday, funday, and no, I can never eat enough waffles. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but I’m a pollock, definitely derived of eastern European stock. Love to eat entire loaves of bread in a single sitting. So when someone says to me, I’d love to cut wheat out of my diet but I just love it too much, it takes all of my wherewithall to stop myself from beating them with the baguette they are busy consuming. OK, OK, it’s been a long day…..

However this morning, after an early wake up, but when all the kids were still smiling, my coffee was hot and the sun was shining….. I made good use of our apple pickins from last weekend. I used two macouns, the finest apple ever in the world to touch my mouth in my opinion, plus a mushy old banana to make the best waffles I have made yet. And…….(yes, I started a sentence with and and, and yes, I know it’s not grammatically correct but I did it anyway….) because I am doing the Lurong challenge I didn’t add any sweetener(no honey, no agave, no maple) and the kids still loved them. Oh glorious day, this is all possible!!!

OK, OK, Back on track. So, I made apple cinnamon grain free waffles and they were amazing. I used my new handy dandy waffle stick maker versus the awesome farm animal waffle iron I have had forever. I have to admit, I missed the sound of the chicken clucking to let me know they were ready…. but the stick shape is still a novelty for me.

Here is what I did:

Apple Cinnamon Grain Free Waffles

  • Take out your immersion blender(I’ll be honest, with raw apples, the food processor might be a better bet unless you are really patient with your blender)
  • Plug in a waffle iron to preheat
  • Peel and chop the apples and place in a large bowl
  • Chuck in a banana
  • Puree until smooth
  • Add almond butter
  • Blend until smooth
  • Add eggs and spices and arrowroot powder, combine until completely blended
  • Cook on your waffle iron, I found that 4 minutes was just right for getting the waffles cooked through without over cooking them

My babies ate them with pastured butter and maple sap fresh from a friend’s tree in Vermont. I ate them plain, cold, probably 40 minutes after cooking after the hub bub of the morning had died down. Both ways they were absolutely delicious.

How do I know? Because my 5 year old who has suddenly become very resistant to everything cried when I said I was making grain free waffles again. My response was, don’t eat them, we can find you something else. Yet, somehow as the apple cinnamon’s deliciousness wafted through the air of our house she was asking if maybe she could reconsider and have some…. and have some she did. I finally had to cut her off and offer up some eggs.

So, if you live in the Northeast where apples in the fall are a religion and you have bushels in your home…. this is one more great way to use them. If you aren’t living under these circumstances…. these waffles are still so darn good it’s worth heading out to get a couple of apples and cook some up anyway.

Final note- These can be made as pancakes too! Try it, you’ll like it, too!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Apple Cinnamon Grain Free Waffles (No added Sweetener) AKA LURONG Friendly”

    1. definitely- Buy a waffle iron. They are so inexpensive and I have to admit the $20 little waffle stick maker works just as well as my fancy schmancy one from William Sonoma. Maybe it won’t in the long run but it’s great for right now….

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