The Truth About Quinoa As A Paleo Food

Truth About Quinoa As A Paleo Food

We often hear it’s the new “Superfood” and can be on a par with any gluten-free foods. Quinoa has paved its way to the tables of health enthusiasts and people suffering from gluten sensitivity. But what is quinoa? Should it be labeled as a grain or a seed? Can quinoa be included as part of your Paleo food list?

There are several foods in the world that are mislabeled as something else, just like tomatoes are fruits but more people know it as a vegetable. There are other processed foods, such as grains and seeds that are mistaken for something else and be excluded from Paleo recipes. Because the food is placed into the wrong group, they add it to unhealthy or unwanted food lists. One familiar seed that is labeled and known as a grain by most people is Quinoa.

Paleo Food - Quinoa

Paleo Food - Quinoa

Quinoa is usually cooked like rice, before being added to salads, or made into bread, energy bars or added to smoothies. This crop was grown for domestic use about 2,000 to 3,000 years ago, but it has been in use during the last 5,200 to 7,000 years but not during the Paleolithic era. We know this new superfood to have originated from the Andean region of South America and is still highly produced in this region.

For many years, the debate about whether quinoa is a grain or seed has confused many people who enjoy it but do not want to have any gluten in their system. So what is quinoa? Is it a grain or seed? And if it is a seed with great benefits, should you include it on your Paleo diet food list?

Quinoa Seed Or Grain?

Quinoa is a SEED, and it has been cleared by many experts. Perhaps the reason why quinoa is labeled as a “grain” is that they grow it from a grain crop genus called goosefoot. It still should not be mistaken as a grain, as it has distinct features from a grain. Grains grow in clusters on top of the crop, just like wheat and oats, just the way quinoa grows. However, a grain is a merging of the seed coat and the fruit, which differs from quinoa. Quinoa grows like that of an ovule with an embryo inside, in the same way, those seeds grow.

Paleo Food - Quinoa

Instead of being labeled under cereals where grains are to be found quinoa should be labeled as a pseudo-cereal. We use pseudo-cereals just like cereals but are in seed form. Still not convinced? According to Wikipedia, quinoa “is a species of the goosefoot genus (Chenopodium Quinoa), a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds.” So it is proper to call it a seed instead of a grain. This seed has over 120 varieties, but it is more commonly known for three types: white, red and black. The leaf of quinoa can also a vegetable but is not produced or used as widely as the seeds.

The Healthy Side Of Quinoa

They label quinoa as a Superfood for several reasons. Quinoa has a lot of essential nutrients that help maintain a healthy body. It is a great food for people who follow a Paleo lifestyle and who want to lose weight.

Here are some of the best health benefits to be gained from including the Quinoa seed into some of your Paleo meals.

High Fiber Content Helps To Lower Cholesterol

Need to lose weight and concerned with your heart? Quinoa is rich in fiber and contains no saturated fat. It can help you maintain a healthy heart by maintaining good levels of cholesterol in your body. Fiber is also known to eliminate unwanted fat deposits, which can help to reduce weight. Plus, fiber aids digestion and can provide relief from constipation.

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Rich In Amino Acids

If you want healthier muscles when eating Paleo food, quinoa can help because of its rich amino acid content. We know amino acids to help prevent damage to muscle tissue and help with the growth of healthy tissue.

High In Protein

Protein in food helps the body fill fuller for a longer time. This helps the body produce energy that is better for it compared to the energy produced by carbohydrates.

No, Gluten!

Perhaps this is the best part of quinoa for many who have celiac disease. Quinoa does not contain gluten and is known to be grown organically. The quinoa crop has no natural pests and barely needs any pesticides.

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The Bad Side Of Quinoa

Possibly the worst part of quinoa is its high saponin content. Perhaps the hint you get it has saponin is the bitterness if not rinsed or processed properly. Saponin is an anti-nutrient and can cause leaky guts if eaten in large quantities. Leaky guts usually cause chronic inflammation and can cause autoimmune diseases.

Quinoa – Paleo Food Or Not?

Quinoa can be part of your Paleo plan but is not highly recommended, just like starchy veggies. Although quinoa is not a grain and is naturally gluten-free, they still recommend if you consume it in moderation when following a Paleolithic diet. You need to make sure it is processed properly to reduce the levels of saponin. This healthy seed is a great alternative for you but remember that it must be consumed occasionally. Why not grind some seeds down into flour and bake your own Paleo bread?

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