Paleo Diet - 3 Important Reasons To Follow It

3 Important Reasons Why Following A Paleo Diet Is A Good Idea

Why Following A Paleo Diet Regime Is A Good Idea

Most people I speak to regarding Paleo are sceptical about it. This is because they really don’t understand what it is about and they tend to be told several different things from others regarding the Paleo diet and lifestyle.

Paleo Diet - You'll Love It

One thing I have often come across when people become inquisitive about this kind of lifestyle is why people choose to follow it. Well in this article I hope to go some way to show some of the reasons following a Paleo lifestyle is a good idea.

Reason 1 – Eliminates (Limits) Toxin Intake

Using the word eliminate is a little too strong as when it comes to leading a normal lifestyle it isn’t either possible or practical to eliminate such completely from your diet. The main purpose of following a Paleo diet is to limit the number of toxins that are able to get into your body.

Paleo Diet - Limits Toxin Intake

When it comes to toxins, this is quite a broad category and will include such items as pesticides, industrial seed oils, various chemicals, sugar, gluten and other substances that may cause your mind and body not being able to function at its optimum levels.

Of all the reasons why you should be really considering eating Paleo food, this is the most important one of all. Eating large amounts of processed foods is toxic and although you may not notice any issues now, you may start to notice them in the future.

Reason 2 – Increases (Maximizes) Nutrient Intake

If your body isn’t getting enough nutrients then it will have problems functioning at its optimum levels.

Just as with toxins nutrients cover several different categories, including fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and certain other substances that occur typically in plants or animals, which we have been eating for centuries now.

Paleo Diet - Increases Nutrient Intake

In order for our bodies to thrive we need to make sure that we are getting such nutrients, however, the kinds of diets most of us follow today are missing large amounts of these. Learning which foods on the Paleo food list contain the largest amount of nutrients may take some time.

The foods you need to include in your Paleo diet recipes which contain the right amount of nutrients naturally in them are as follows:

1. Organ meats such as liver and kidney
2. Seafood especially shellfish, but fish is good for you as well
3. All kinds of vegetables, except for grains and beans (these aren’t vegetables)
4. Muscle Paleo diet meats such as beef, pork, and lamb
5. Tubers such as yams and sweet potatoes
6. Fruit yes very nutritious but should remain at the bottom of the list

Reason 3 – You Don’t Have To Stick With It Permanently If You Don’t Want To

Unlike many other diets or lifestyles, they expect you to stick with it permanently. Whereas when it comes to the Paleo diet it is possible to follow it whenever you want. My partner will often choose to do a month on and a month off because he wants to lose some weight.  But most of the time without him realizing it he is in fact, enjoying a modified Paleo diet plan.

Paleo Lifestyle - Don't Have To Stick To It

By being able to decide when you follow this diet and for how long takes a lot of pressure off you. Also being able to customize it helps to ensure that you enjoy following it more and you may find that sticking to your new Paleo diet becomes a great deal easier.

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