10 Tips To Save Money On The Paleo Diet

Are you looking at following a Paleo lifestyle, but feel the cost of doing so is too prohibitive? Well, why not give some of the tips I offer a below about how to save money on a paleo diet a try. All the ones provided will help you to keep the costs down.

Tip 1 – Eat The Organs

Eat The Organs More often referred to as offal, organs are in fact a cheap source of meat. Plus you’ll find that they are actually more nutritious than conventional cuts.

One organ that isn’t just cheap but is also a nutritional powerhouse is liver. Also, you may want to consider trying kidneys, heart, tongue, marrow and sweetbreads. But some of these are an acquired taste. Whilst others you find that with the right recipe will help you to forget that you are actually eating the organ of an animal.


Tip 2 – Buy In Bulk

Buy In Bulk Get yourself a chest freezer (even a used one) and then buy your meat, fruit and vegetables in bulk. Okay, you’ll spend quite a bit initially but you know you are going to have good quality meat to use in the future. Don’t limit yourself to your usual cuts of meat, make sure that you include some of the most underrated ones. This won’t only force you to try out new cooking methods but discover some new flavours as well.


Tip 3 – Never Let Anything Go To Waste

Never Let Anything Go To Waste

It is hard to believe that less than 100 years ago we knew how to make the most of everything that we had. Don’t throw away the bones, use these to make stock, as for the drippings in the pan save these to use for cooking other meals with.

When it comes to fresh produce use it wisely. This will ensure that you don’t end up throwing most of it away because it has lost its freshness.


Tip 4 – Learn To Cook Cheaper Cuts

Learn To Cook Cheaper Cuts The kinds of cuts of meat I’m talking about here are the shoulder, hock, oxtail, shank or even the trotters. These types of cooks need to be cooked slowly in lots of liquid (this is where having a slow cooker comes in handy). Once cooked you’ll find that they have a really great flavour, for such a small amount of money.

As well as making stews that are packed full of flavour, the bones can be used to make great stock with.


Tip 5 – Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market At The End Of The Day

Visit Your Local Farmer's Market At The End Of The Day

You’ll find that those who sell produce at these markets won’t want to take it home. They will offer some really good deals just so that they don’t have to worry about getting rid of what they haven’t sold as waste.


Tip 6 – Avoid Buying Organic

Avoid Buying Organic

You may wonder why I suggest this. But often what you find that the hype surrounding it is such that this helps to inflate the prices charged. It is far better if you use what money you have to buy meat and vegetables that are locally sourced. Often what you find is the organic food has in fact traveled halfway around the world before it reaches the supermarket.


Tip 7 – Make Things Yourself

Make Things Yourself

Get in the habit of preparing meals from scratch and this should include any stock, dressing, mayonnaise or other condiments you use. This will then ensure that you only buy the ingredients that you really need. For people following a paleo diet, this shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save by preparing your own rather than buying that which has been prepared for you.


Tip 8 – Stick To Meals That Are Simple


Stick To Meals That Are Simple

When it comes to cooking meals make sure that each one is made up of at least one type of animal protein. Along with some nice fresh vegetables and a good animal fat. As well as being easy to prepare your being eating food that is much healthier for you. Plus you’ll find it turns out to be much cheaper as well.


Tip 9 – Eat More Eggs

Eat More Eggs

Compared to meat you’ll find that eggs are pretty inexpensive, even when you go for the good ones. Begin each day with some eggs for a meal that isn’t only cheap but provides you with a healthy start. Don’t just limit yourself to scrambled, fried or boiled eggs, mix it up a bit. Why not make an omelet or a frittata.


Tip 10 – Go For In-Season Vegetables And Fruit

Go For In Season Vegetables And Fruit

Make sure that you never spend too much of your budget for food on vegetables. By choosing to go for ones that are in season you’ll find that they are a lot cheaper, and, of course, a lot fresher. If you want buy them in bulk then freeze any extra for use later on. I do this quite often with carrots, onions, and certain fruits such as blueberries and raspberries.


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