Potassium Rich Foods

10 Potassium Rich Foods You Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Potassium Rich Foods You Should Try

Taking care of your body is a must. This is why you need to make sure you eat food full of vitamins and essential nutrients. Potassium is one of the most important nutrients you must not take for granted, and potassium rich foods are tasty, too.

Our bodies are marvelous but need constant maintenance and a lot of nourishment. We need food that will help keep us strong and live a long and wonderful life. Food gives a person energy, and helps to produce healthy cells and helps the body to stay strong. Whilst we focus on common vitamins and minerals that food gives us, we ignore some important nutrients that can help our bodies become healthier and less prone to diseases.

But if you are experiencing muscle cramps, anxiety, weak bones, metabolism issues and kidney and heart problems that could lead to you having a heart attack despite staying on a healthy diet, then check if your diet has enough potassium. Potassium is an important nutrient for the body since it helps prevent your body from experiencing all the things mentioned above. Potassium is a no-nonsense mineral, being the third mineral that dominates in the human body. The kinds of foods that are rich in potassium such as fruits and vegetables that appear on the list below will lead to a balanced diet and help keep your body healthier than ever.

Potassium Rich Foods – What Can You Enjoy?

Going Bananas

We are starting the list with one of the most common sources of potassium luckily most can be sourced in your local farmer’s market. This popular choice is a great source of potassium, with over 400 mg of potassium in just one banana. A banana may look simple but it can power up a man with enough potassium more than an energy drink can provide.

Go Loco On Avocado

Another fruit that dominates the list of potassium-rich foods is avocado. Avocado can contain over 900 mg of potassium. Not only are avocados rich in potassium, but they are also full of healthy oils which means you’ll have a healthier heart, meaning the risk of developing heart disease or high blood pressure is reduced.

Fresh Fish And Shellfish, Is A Yes

Fish and shellfish are not just good sources of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids but also potassium. A single 3 oz fillet of fish has over 500 mg of potassium which covers up 15% of your body’s daily potassium need. Oysters and clams have 400 mg of potassium which makes them a great alternative to fish.

Green Veggies Means Go

Kale, Brussels sprouts, Pak Choi, arugula, rapini, broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, and watercress have one thing in common- these are all a good source of potassium. These greens have over 300 mg of potassium and some even exceed 500 mg. Not only do these green veggies provide potassium, but they also contain a large amount of fiber that can help eliminate toxins from your body helping to reduce the risk of you suffering from kidney stones.

Heavenly Acorn Squash, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes And Carrots

Just like the green veggies, these foods provide potassium to the body in large amounts, from over 300-500 mg of potassium per serving. Carrots and sweet potatoes are also full of beta-carotene which provides certain health benefits for the eyes, skin, and immune system. These potassium rich foods also make a delicious addition to any meal.

Make Room For Mushrooms

Whether it’s your favourite pizza topping or part of your soup, mushrooms can be a real delight especially if you know their health benefits. Mushrooms are on this list of potassium rich foods because they can provide over 300 mg of potassium in just 72 grams. So if you’re making a pizza, being generous with mushrooms isn’t such a bad idea.

A Nutty Surprise

Just like fish, it’s not just the healthy oils and protein you get from nuts. We’ve included nuts because these deserve a place on this list of potassium-rich foods. Not convinced? Well did you know that walnuts have 441 mg of potassium? Pistachios contain a whopping 1,000 mg per 100 grams. Not bad for “small” food.

The Beans

If you are the kind that loved beans, then you surely have been enjoying your dose of potassium well. A cup of red and white beans have an average of 600 mg of potassium. These are also rich in fiber, so you don’t have to worry about eliminating toxins because these beans will do it for you.

A Milky Treat

We know it’s a drink but we’ve included milk because it is a good source of potassium. Though orange juice is also a good source, milk wins because it provides more nutrients than orange juice has, even vitamin C. A single cup of milk can provide over 300- 500 mg, depending on the type of milk you get. You won’t find such high levels of potassium in low-fat dairy products, such as skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. Plus getting a good nights sleep is easy with warm milk.

Yogurt Delight

Last but not least, yogurt! If you’re not into yogurt, then you have to love it. In 100 grams of yogurt, you get 255 mg of potassium. Just add berries or fruits on yogurt and you’ll have a tasty and healthy snack!  Again remember to avoid the low-fat dairy products you see advertised as these aren’t what we would class as potassium rich foods.

So before discarding these potassium-rich foods from your list, you better think twice. You’ll have better health with them being such a great source of potassium.

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