Why Paleo Diet Better Than Low Carb Diet

Why A Paleo Diet Is Better For You Than A Low Carb Diet

Why The Paleo Diet Is Better Than A Low Carb Diet

The Paleo diet is the one that is most close to a low carb diet than any other kind of diet you can follow these days. You need to know that there are several significant differences between following this diet and following any other kind of low carb diet.

The main difference being that most low carb diets advocate that you buy certain types of processed foods in place of those that you are no longer eating. Whereas when it comes to the Paleo or Caveman diet it is all about you going back to your “origins”.

The other differences you need to know of are as follows:

1. Both The Paleo Diet And Low-Carb Diet Will Help You To Lose Weight

Both Help You To Lose Weight

However what you will find if you choose to follow a low-carb diet rather than the Paleo one for weight loss you will find that you won’t lose as much and not as quickly. The only way that you can lose weight quickly on a low-carb diet is through restricting the number of calories you eat. However, if you are not careful this can lead to you develop high levels of LDL cholesterol.

The only way to really lose weight without the need to restrict how many calories you eat is to eat the right fats and protein.

2. Know Your Fats!

Paleo Diet - Know Your Fats

When you follow a low carb diet you are asked to eat more fat and fewer carbs. The problem with this type of diet is that they aren’t bothered about the kind of fat you eat. This is really the biggest problem with following a low carb diet. There are so many different fats that you need to learn which are the healthiest ones for you to help keep the weight off. You need to look carefully where these fats have come from; vegetable oil is something that you should avoid when it comes to following a Paleo diet plan.

3. Low Carb Means No Fruit Or Vegetables

Low Carb Diet - No Fruit Or Vegetables

Most low carb diets ask you to eliminate all fruits and restricting how many vegetables you can eat. However, if you want to reach your optimal health levels then you need to eat plenty of vegetables. It is very difficult to become lean and healthy if you don’t eat enough vegetables each day.

4. Risk Of Developing Osteoporosis

Paleo Diet vs Low Carb DietOsteoporosis is a condition caused because of a person not having sufficient amounts of calcium in their bones. Yes, calcium can be got through eating milk and cheese, however, the problem is that these foods hurt your body to keep it. You need to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables which appear on any Paleo diet food list as these contain potassium, which helps your body to excrete the calcium you have collected into your bones more readily.

5. Risk Of Developing Cardiovascular Disease

Risk Of Developing Cardiovascular Problems

People who choose to follow a low-carb diet rather than a Paleo diet are putting themselves at risk of developing cardiovascular problems in the future. This is because when they follow a low carb diet they are consuming larger amounts of Omega 6 fatty acids. Whereas when following a diet made up of Paleo food you eat balanced ratios of both Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

2 thoughts on “Why A Paleo Diet Is Better For You Than A Low Carb Diet”

  1. I’ve recently started a low carb lifestyle, but just like you I plan to use whole foods and cut down the fat while introducing the goods fats into my diet. I’ve chosen to take the term “low carb” literally and does not necessarily mean “high-fat” or no veggies.
    I’ve always been curious about the Paleo lifestyle so I’ll stick around to learn more.

    Thanks for the informative blog.

    1. Glad you like the blog. I’ll be including some more information regarding Paleo you may find interesting over the coming days and weeks.

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