Paleo Food - Numbers On Stickers On Fruit

What The Numbers On Fruit Stickers Mean

You know those really annoying stickers on fruit?

Well, they actually contain some very useful information.

If you know how to decode them you’ll know everything you need to help protect your family from “Frankenstein Fruit”, the Number is the bit you need to decode.

Once you know what to look for you can ensure that your family is getting only the best possible fruit.

Here is what the digits mean:

If it starts with 3 or 4 and contains 4 digits it’s grown Conventionally i.e 3567

If it starts with a 9 and has 5 digits rejoice ! It’s Organically grown  i.e 96743

If it starts with an 8 and has 5 digits , Walk Away Rene, it’s Genetically Modified 86666

Below you’ll find an Infographic you can save to refer back to.

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