Having Trouble Following A Paleo Lifestyle?

Having Trouble Following A Paleo Lifestyle? This May Be The Reason Why

Having Trouble Following A Paleo Lifestyle?

When it comes to choosing to follow a Paleo Lifestyle a lot of people within a matter of months give up. They find it hard to stick with because it is because they often aren’t seeing the results as quickly as they would have expected.

Paleo Lifestyle

As you already are aware there is a lot of information available regarding following this kind of lifestyle and much of seems to contradict each other. If you change your life that is based on information that is incorrect then over the long term you will soon start to suffer.

It is, therefore, important that before you do decide change over to following a Paleo lifestyle that you know of some of the reasons why you may find yourself not sticking to it. Below we take a look at just what some of these reasons are.

Reason 1 – Consuming Too Many Nuts or Nut Butter 

Paleo Food - Too Many Nuts Or Nut Butter

Okay, most of our ancestors consumed such in large quantities, but they can be a problem for us. They not only contain what we consider to be bad fatty acids but contain things that can cause irritation to the stomach. In the beginning, it is best if you limit your consumption of such or even eliminate them altogether from your diet.

You can then begin to incorporate into your Paleolithic diet once more once you start to feel better and your digestive system is functioning better.

If you eliminate them from your Paleo diet food list then add them back in a little at the time when ready. This way you can then track to see if they have any negative effect on you.

Reason 2 – Not Getting Enough Salt

Paleo Diet - Not Enough Salt

Eliminating salt completely from your diet can cause problems for you in the same way as having too much salt in it. If you are someone who suffers from low blood pressure when following the Paleo lifestyle then adding some natural sea salt into your meals should help to bring levels back up once again.

Reason 3 – Not Getting Enough Carbs

Paleo Lifestyle - Not Enough Carbs

Many people who follow this type of lifestyle become very concerned and limit or eliminate carbs from their diet altogether. Even though you may eat sufficient amounts of healthy fats to make up for the fewer carbs you are consuming it can lead to you suffering from intense cravings.  But eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can help to prevent such occurring.

This can then lead to you eating processed foods that aren’t considered good for you.

If you want to make sure that you include carbs into your Paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to eat bread, pasta or rice. Instead, incorporating a few starchy vegetables into your diet should suffice.

Reason 4 – Not Getting Enough Fat

Not Enough Fat - Paleo Lifestyle

Many people who choose to change over to following a Paleo lifestyle believe that they should consume only limited amounts of fat. The problem with doing this is that your body isn’t being provided with sufficient amounts of energy in order for it to function properly. If you are attempting to lose weight this could prevent you from doing so.

You should make sure when following this diet you include sufficient amounts of healthy natural saturated fat in yours. If you reduce your intake of both healthy fat and carbs as mentioned above then and your energy levels going down you may find yourself feeling hungry constantly.  Again putting you at risk of eating processed foods and other foods that aren’t on the Paleo lifestyle foods approved list.


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