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Today I Bought Mayonnaise..

So what… No big deal… Why in the heck is she blogging about buying mayonnaise you might be wondering.I’m blogging about it because it is a big deal, a very big deal.

No, it isn’t a big deal because I am beyond considering store-bought condiments. No, it isn’t a big deal because I am concerned about the Omega 6 ratios in it. It isn’t a big deal because it’s made of soybean oil, or because it’s organic, or because it was a great price at Trader Joe’s.

It was a big deal because I allowed myself to buy it. That’s right, I gave myself a little space, a little freedom, a little acceptance of… this might not be part of my practice version of Paleo and I’m ok with it.

I’ve blogged intermittently recently. Illness, disenchantment, and poor nutrition have kept me away.

Paleo Food - Eggs

Illness, when we vomit in this house it’s saltines(some rice crackers too) and ginger ale no questions asked. When we’re ready to move forward, Lipton Double Noodle Soup (yep, the one with Clifford the Big Red dog on the box). Everything I know now nutritionally tells me I shouldn’t do this, and at 36 years old I have a long and proven history with this strategy with stomach bugs and it works. I can’t help it, or if I could, I don’t want to.

The several rounds of stomach bugs that tore through this house led to lots of saltines, ginger ale and double noodle soup. Somehow in eating this and easing back into “real” food there were stops for toast and a little pasta along the way. This led to the disenchantment. “Wow, I suck. I’m blogging about paleo nutrition and not fully following it. I shouldn’t be blogging.”

Paleo Diet - Olive Oil

The disenchantment led to more poor nutrition, “I already had a ginger ale earlier when I felt awful, why not make another poor choice now…”

More poor choices, more illness. Yeah, you get the picture.

We’re getting back on track. I’m pulling it all back together nutritionally. I’m realizing what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m realizing that I need to get over the need to be my version of a text-book or just throw it all out the window.

So, today I bought mayonnaise.

Paleo Diet

I often make it. It is easy to make. It isn’t even necessarily that expensive to make. However sometimes I want some good old fashioned egg salad with a touch of mayo, or maybe some tuna fish and I don’t have the time, or the eggs or even the desire to make some mayo… So instead of eating a pretty darned good meal I skip it all because I don’t want to make any mayonnaise(yes, it’s an excuse, I know this, I eat all of the above without mayonnaise all of the time, I don’t even really like mayonnaise very often). That’s not going to happen anymore, because today I bought some. Just having the jar in the fridge is going to open up those options to me. It is going to eliminate the excuse for me, and I guarantee as I scoop a congealed blob of it out of the jar towards my eggs or tuna, I will likely think again and end up making some anyway.

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