Paleo Diet - Tips To Help Lose Weight

Tips To Help Lose Weight When Following A Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet – Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Are you having problems with shedding weight even though you are following a Paleo diet? If you are then you may find the following tips of some use as I did to help get rid of that excess body fat.

Tip 1 – Exercise Every Day

Paleo Diet Tip 1 - Exercise Every Day

Exercising alone won’t help you lose any significant amount of weight, but it can help. Plus if you choose even to do a small amount of exercise each day it will ensure that the weight you do lose is kept off. Something as simple as going for a walk can really help. It doesn’t matter how long you exercise for, what matters is that you do it consistently.

Tip 2 – Don’t Spend All Your Time Sat Down

Tip 2 - Don't Spend All Day Sat Down

Even when you aren’t exercising, you shouldn’t spend too much time sat down You should stand up, stretching or just walking around at least every hour. My other half ensures that this happens by wearing the Garmin VivoFit. It tells him when he needs to get up and walk around.

Tip 3 – Eat Simple Plain Paleo Diet Food You’ve Prepared Yourself

Paleo Diet - Weight Loss - Tip 3 - Eat Plain Simple Food

I sometimes find when I eat processed foods that are supposedly Paleo or Caveman diet friendly my appetite becomes somewhat upset. Yet when I chose to cook my own meals from various Paleo diet recipes using just plain meat, fish and vegetables then my appetite remains closer to what my body wants and needs.

Tip 4 – Don’t Restrict How Much You Eat

Weight Loss - Tip 4 - Don't Restrict How Much You Eat

If you are following a Paleo diet already then you will already get fewer calories because of the additional fibre you are consuming along with eating less refined sugars. If you try and eat less than you need even from the Paleo diet food list then the risk of you binge eating is greater as your appetite will take control.

Tip 5 – Don’t Limit Your Carbs

Tip 5 - Don't Limit Your Carbs

If you are exercising regularly as part of your new Paleo lifestyle (me I go to Crossfit three times a week) then make sure that you include sufficient amounts of carbs in your diet to fuel the kind of activity you are doing. If you don’t then fatigue could sabotage your attempts at trying to lose weight. But you don’t want to eat sugary foods, instead, eat some fruit or add some honey to your breakfast in the morning. These can help to satisfy that sweet tooth you may have, I know I do and won’t increase the chances of you putting on weight.

Tip 6 – Avoid Juices In The Supermarket

Paleo Diet - Tip 6 - Don't Go For Supermarket Juice

The problem with what they class as fresh juices are that they contain high levels of sugar in them. Ideally, if you can create your own juices at home using some fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus make sure that you drink plenty of water and treat yourself to the occasional cup of coffee or tea as part of your Paleo Diet regime.


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