Paleo Lifestyle - Not Just For Losing Weight

Paleo Lifestyle: Why It Is Not Just For Losing Weight

Why The Paleo Lifestyle Is About More Than Losing Weight

You often get to hear about people wanting to go on a diet to lose weight. But if you are totally committed to a diet plan, you must know more about it than just losing weight. When we talk about living the Paleo Lifestyle, it is about much more than the food. There are certain other things you need to consider and practice.

When people hear Paleo diet, the notion of eating “like a caveman” can either be positive or negative. There are lots of people who like the idea of eating more meat. Then others like the idea of not having to worry about portion sizes. For others, they see it as an effective way of leading a healthy lifestyle. This is where most people fail because the Paleo lifestyle is not just about the food. In fact, it revolves around different factors that can put a person’s health in a better position.

Paleo Lifestyle - Healthy Eating

Because of these misunderstandings about how Paleo works. Most people who want to improve their health, live longer or lose weight will avoid it.

Paleo seems a “lazy way” to do such things compared to other diets. Especially as there isn’t any restriction on portion sizes. All that is required is you eat what appears on the Paleo food list.

But this is not true, because the Paleo diet is also about moderation. In fact, it is about many things. Paleo diet is easy but not lazy.

If you truly want to take Paleo seriously, here are the things you can expect when practicing this lifestyle. You will definitely appreciate these facts and have a better understanding of how important this diet is for everyone.

Talk About Freshness

Because the Paleo diet means getting what food our ancestors used to have we prefer fresh, organic food. We do not include food that was not produced with the use of more modern agricultural processes in the Paleo diet. This means no processed foods, cereal or dairy products.

Studies back up Paleo showing that such methods can lead to us developing degenerative or autoimmune diseases. Some of the most common foods that have a link to modern food include:

Heart Disease

Increased blood sugar levels that can lead to diabetes

Allergic reactions

Leaky Gut

Some forms of cancer

Paleo Lifestyle - Fresh Food

But Paleo food introduces us to what our ancestors would have eaten. These are ones that our bodies would have adapted to over the years. Many studies suggest that the evolution and development of food happened too fast. This has meant our bodies are still at the stage where our cavemen ancestors left off. The Paleo diet reintroduces our bodies to what our ancestors enjoyed before – fresh, organic food. These fresh foods introduce better options and better health benefits, as explained below.

The Paleo Lifestyle Has A Vast Number Of Health Benefits

If it is about health benefits, the Caveman diet definitely has a vast list. People who choose to follow a Paleolithic diet lose not only weight but find they feel much better and healthier. Here are a few health benefits that those who practice this diet can enjoy:

  • Gluten-free food makes Paleo stand out from other diet plans. When it is gluten free, it means a person has less risk of suffering from conditions such as leaky gut. As the foods enjoyed when following a Paleo lifestyle are gluten free, we can absorb them more easily. Plus, they give us the right amount of nutrients our body needs.

Paleo Lifestyle - A More Healthy You

  • Meat is largely accepted on Paleo because it is what our ancestors may well have consumed more of. Whereas other diets limit the use of meat, Paleo encourages us to eat more. This is because of the protein and healthy fats it contains. Want to feel fuller for longer? Include fats that help to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Also, the Paleo diet can help you lose weight.
  • Want to make sure you have your daily dose of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, then eating Paleo is the key. The Paleo or Caveman diet includes lots of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. All these provide your body with nutrients it needs to help fight off diseases.

Helps Get Rid Of Or Reduce The Risk Of Developing Diseases

A healthy lifestyle means having no diseases. The Paleolithic lifestyle promotes a healthier body, which reduces the risk of getting certain diseases. These diseases, though may start simple, can be life-threatening. Some diseases increased in numbers as people developed methods of producing food. Here are a few diseases you can definitely prevent or reduce the risk of gaining.

  • Obesity is a problem that many people are still facing. With the foods available in the market and the lifestyles that most people practice, obesity becomes one result that ruins their health. Though obesity can be blamed on genetics, too, the type of food and lifestyle a person follows increases the risk of making a person obese. With this type of lifestyle, people get to experience sustainable weight loss which can help prevent obesity and other related diseases.
  • Heart disease is connected to obesity, bad food habits, and lifestyle choices. Heart disease is one of the few but scary diseases that affect people worldwide. Paleo lifestyle and foods helps a person to eat more healthily, and be more active, which helps not only their cardiovascular health but their whole body.

Paleo Diet - Lose Weight

  • Diabetes is another disease which has no cure but can be controlled. For people who are already suffering this disease, the Paleo or hunter-gatherer lifestyle gives them the type of lifestyle where they can enjoy food without worrying about their blood sugar level. This gives them a better chance of lessening the risks of complications that diabetes can cause to their bodies.
  • Gluten intolerance is perhaps another reason why people choose to practice a Paleo lifestyle. This diet does not allow wheat, beans and other sources of gluten. Gluten intolerance leads to leaky gut syndrome and even autoimmune diseases.
  • Over time, as you stick with your Paleolithic lifestyle, your body will adjust and prevent adrenal fatigue, which can also be caused by eating too much salty food. The benefits gained from the adjustments you make when living this lifestyle will reduce any stress you may experience, especially in relation to the food you eat, and how you integrate this healthy diet with your loved ones and how you exercise.
  • Cancer is a disease that there is still no cure for, like diabetes, but we can reduce the risks of developing it. The antioxidants and an abundance of other nutrients found in the Paleo food list can help the body fight off toxins, help to strengthen the immune system and produce healthier cells.

It Includes MOVING

Though the Paleo or hunter-gatherer diet may seem to focus on food, it also includes exercise. You can only expect so much from eating healthy, you also need to burn the fats even when they are the good ones. Without keeping yourself active, you will not see any difference in your body. But Paleo does not require you to do over-the-top exercise. Though some athletes choose Paleo because of the protein galore, people who have a busy lifestyle can still benefit from getting into this lifestyle.

Paleo Lifestyle - Exercise

The key is to keep moving. This means you need to be active. Is your office just a few blocks away? Stop using your car and walk or cycle. Need to go another floor to submit a report? Skip the elevator and use the stairs. Have a little time in the morning? Do some stretching exercises. Have a dog? Walk him around the park or the neighborhood. The point is to help your body burn the fuel and make you sweat, keeping your metabolism in check. Exercise also helps you to maintain strong bones and flexibility in your muscles.

Paleo Lifestyle Is Flexible And Adapts To Any Individual

If you believe that following this lifestyle would mean sacrificing the foods you love or the things you do, then you are wrong. The Paleo or hunter-gatherer diet is one of the most flexible diet plans, if not the most flexible. Though it can be strict regarding certain food groups, it still offers alternatives that a person can enjoy. Some people believe that a Paleo menu is limited, but it is not. In fact, we can use Paleo ingredients for a variety of different cuisines. This diet need not be bland as there are herbs, spices, and even Paleo approved sauces and dips that can be used when creating meals.

Can Be Adapted To Your Needs

Whether you live alone, have a partner and/or children, adjusting to this kind of lifestyle is not as hard as you imagine. You can involve your loved ones with the change, planning and further research on how you can enjoy the Paleo or Caveman diet is available. You need not change your lifestyle in an instant since you can slowly mix Paleo menus and activities for you and the people who live with you. With the food, exercise and other motivation, the Paleo diet will create a positive mindset. Soon, you’ll find that following this type of lifestyle becomes a way of life.

This lifestyle is more than just about the food you eat. It involves your will, determination, and the right information about the diet. This kind of lifestyle is not as hard as it looks, as long as you look for the right way of doing it. The Paleo diet also allows alternatives, so you don’t have to worry no matter what situation you are in. whether you are a parent with young children or older ones, a busy professional or a health buff, you will qualify to live the Paleo lifestyle. And perhaps the best part of this lifestyle is that no matter what age or gender you are, you can enjoy the benefits of this diet as long as you as you keep to your new Paleo diet lifestyle.


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