How To Stick To Your Paleo Diet When Travelling

Guest Post By: Elena Tahora    27 October 2017

If you’ve chosen to live a Paleo lifestyle and stick to only Paleo-friendly food, then you understand better than anyone how difficult it can be the moment you step out of your house. Sometimes, it can be hard to even find people that know what a Paleo diet is, let alone offer options that fit within its parameters. Nowhere is it trickier to stick to your Paleo diet than when traveling. Let’s face it, it can throw a real wrench in your plans of relaxing.

So, how exactly can you visit far away and exciting places while being able to stick to your Paleo diet? Here are some simple tips you can use.

Consider How You’ll Eat In Transit

One of the first challenges you’ll have is how you will eat while in transit. You will want to be able to choose Paleo-friendly food, but the train station, airport, or roadside stops may not offer what you’re looking for.

If possible, it’s a good idea to pack some snacks and food, but obviously, this won’t work if you’re flying. For airline travel, you’ll need to use your imagination with what is offered and make it work for your diet. This will likely mean skipping one of the sides, or not eating everything that is offered on the tray since it doesn’t all fit with your dietary requirements.

Unfortunately, airline travel has such strict restrictions on food it may be necessary for you to bend the rules a bit just while onboard. If you can, try to fill up in the café/restaurants in the airport before your flight. At least you will have more menu options to choose from that way.

Don’t Be Shy To Ask Questions At Restaurants

It’s also a good idea to brace yourself for some restaurant experiences. There is no reason you shouldn’t feel comfortable asking questions about the menu options. Perhaps they can make some small changes, omissions, or additions that will create that Paleo-friendly dish. As long as you are polite with restaurant staff, they are usually more than happy to help.

Book Accommodations With A Kitchenette

It’s also a good idea to look for accommodations that offer a kitchenette whenever possible. This will allow you to quickly throw together snacks and meals that fit your diet. Just check with the concierge about the nearest place to pick up fresh groceries. You may even luck out and have a local fresh market nearby.

Book Accommodation With A Kitchenette

Part Of A Paleo Diet Is Also Your Activity

There is also the fact that there is more to your Paleo lifestyle than just the diet itself. Going Paleo also means you’ve chosen an active lifestyle. So, while vacations are certainly a great time to relax, you can also combine it with some activity. It’s a good idea to do some research on the destination before leaving and find out what it’s known for.

For example, perhaps you aretravelingg to the lovely destination of Malta. Malta is world-famous for its incredible diving opportunities. This is your chance to explore underwater caves, tunnels, aquatic life, and at the same time you’ll be staying active.

Don’t Obsess About It

While sticking to a Paleo diet is obviously very important to you, at the same time it’s important to accept from the get-go that it likely won’t be 100% possible while travelling – and that is okay.



Elena is passionate about diving and she has travelled to dive sites all around the world. Elena works with Atlantisgozo Malta, providing exceptional services to those looking to experience the sport.

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