eating paleo on vacation

Paleo on Vacation is Possible

I have decided to post this since returning from an unscheduled vacation last week, so here goes…


We were given a weeks free stay at one of the Marriott Resorts. During our stay there was just me and my other half we tried to stick to eating Paleo as much as possible.

Before listing some of the things we ate let me state I am not deluded by the fact that they use oils we would not have used ourselves, there were probably added sweeteners in things and the quality of meat was very unlikely grass-fed or local. I am however trying to make the point that even when surrounded by temptation there is often a better choice one can make. And that even when following Paleo Protocol you can find possibilities at “the Happiest Place on Earth” (their claim, not mine…).But having said that we still did enjoy some little treats as well. We were on holiday!!!

The great thing about staying in these Marriott resorts is although they have restaurants you have a fully equipped kitchen in your apartment so preparing our own meals as we would at home was a doddle. Yet it was still nice to on the odd occasion have someone else do the cooking for me. Most of the restaurants we went in would happily supply a salad instead of potatoes with my meal if I asked.

Breakfast: We tended to stick to very simple meals each morning, some fresh fruit or an omelette, you’ve got to remember I was on holiday.

Lunches and Dinners: We had some great lunches and dinners.

My favorite was at an Indian restaurant called Chowka. My starter was Chicken Tikka salad which was delicious. The salad was made up of spinach, beetroot, sweetcorn and onions and really helped to enhance the flavors of the chicken. As for my main I decided to go with the grilled sea bream. This was absolutely stunning. As well as being covered in a selection of spices on the outside it was stuffed with some amazing herbs inside. After being cooked in a tandoor it was then served to me whole on a slate with a herb riata.

Grilled Seabream

The worst dinner I had was a grilled salmon with vegetables the potatoes which were pretty bland and the vegetables seemed over cooked. However I was a little naughty and to make up for it I decided to tuck into their chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream.

Snacks: Snacks can be the biggest downfall anywhere at anytime. Fortunately we packed some dried fruit andnuts to have on hand. All in all though we just made sure we ate good meals.

So, in summation, just because you’re on vacation, your diet doesn’t need to fall apart.

11 Egg Fritita

Eating decently doesn’t require much planning. Other locations might require a bit more thoughtfulness, but ALMOST everywhere you can find something that works… ALMOST… but let it be known, just because a restaurant says it has a salad bar, it doesn’t mean it actually is…

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