7 Reasons Why Women Should Choose To Follow A Paleo Diet

Automatically for most of us when we think of the Paleo diet we of course think about our cavemen ancestors. This is because this diet places quite a lot of emphasis on what are considered to be male concepts, i.e., eating of hearty meals and lots of protein. In fact a large number of the leaders of this particular lifestyle have been guys.

Yet evolution is a very good tool that both genders can use to help decide what it the right diet for them. In Fact many women would feel better and be healthier if they would follow a Paleo Diet

What you may not realise as yet, as I didn’t until now was that the Paleo diet may be the best kind of diet for women to follow. Here are just a few reasons why:

Reason 1 – Eliminates Soy From Your Diet

This is a very hotly contested food. People other love it or hate it. But anyone following a Paleo diet has chosen to eliminate it completely. What you need to remember is that soy is a phytoestrogen and is similar in shape to the estrogen that a woman’s body produces. When eaten the phytoestrogens in soy actually increase the amount of estrogen in your blood stream. If you have too much estrogen then this can lead to you gaining weight, it can also cause more adverse problems in relation to PMS, menstrual cramps, ovarian cysts and certain emotional disorders.

Reason 2 – Eliminates Sugar From Your Diet

As sugar is highly addictive it is also the main food that we find easy to overeat. This is in fact one of the main foods that can lead to weight gain. Being overweight is especially bad for women as the fat cells in the body lead to production of more estrogen. The excess estrogen in the body can lead to you suffering worse symptoms relating to mood swings, ovarian cysts, PMS and menstrual cramps. Furthermore sugar stimulates the production of testosterone in your ovaries, which reduces your libido and if you are trying to have children hampers fertility. It can also lead to you suffering from acne along with other problems that are often associated with men such as hair growth or hair loss.

Reason 3 – Eliminates Grains From Your Diet

Bread, past and cereal all of which are grain products tend to be the hardest foods for those following a Paleo diet to give up. But doing so can prove extremely rewarding. Such foods play a big role in you possibly developing a condition known as leaky gut. If this does develop it can lead to you develop autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Plus there is every chance that the grains you are eating currently cause calcium or magnesium to be leached from your intestines that can lead you to then developing osteoporosis. Finally when broken down in the body grains turn into sugar that can then lead to causing acne, reduced fertility and libido.

Reason 4 – Encourages You To Eat More Healthy Ratio Of Omega 3 To Omega 6 Fats

As all Omega 6 fats like vegetable, corn, soybean and other seed oils cause inflammation in the body. Although this problem can affect both men and women, women will find it affects them more when they going through their monthly cycle as it causes their menstrual cramps to be more severe. Plus if a woman is pregnant it can lead to the baby’s brain development being impaired during the last trimester. If a pregnant woman’s diet contains high levels of Omega 6 fat in it, then this can lead to frontal lobe formation in their baby being decreased, which will in turn affect the baby’s intelligence. However such problems can be dealt with by increasing their consumption of Omega 3 fats that can be found in fatty fish like trout, sardines and salmon.

Reason 5 – Is Nutrient Dense

Along with helping to eliminate foods from your diet that are problematic it also ensures that you are getting foods that contain high levels of nutrient that your body needs. The kinds of foods you will be eating include blueberries that contain lots of antioxidants, kale that contains lots of minerals and vitamins as well as good quality animal products (pasture raised eggs) that contain not only plenty of protein, but also several highly important nutrients that can only be found in plants such as choline, Vitamin A and D and Vitamin K2. Along with helping to reduce inflammation, as this diet is rich in nutrients it helps to keep your hormones balanced and enhances reproductive health.

Reason 6 – Encourages To Eat When Hungry And To Stop When Full

One of the best things we women can do when it comes to ensuring normal hormone production occurs is to make sure that we are in sync with our bodies hunger signals. If you eat too much it can cause production of hormones to go above what are considered to be healthy levels, whilst if you don’t eat enough then the opposite is likely to occur. If either of these occur this can lead to infertility, mood issues, fatigue, insomnia and impaired mental health.

The great thing about following this particular diet is that you won’t need to be counting the calories, nor does it encourage you to restrict what you eat. What this diet does require you to do however is to eat when hungry then stop when you feel full. This is important as through this you are helping to balance hormone levels in your body, which in turn should help you to reach a healthy weight.

Reason 7 – It just tastes So Damn Good!

Most paleo food is unprocessed and natural, so you get the full flavors of the food.

So as you can see this diet is especially important to women and should be considered.


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