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Quick Leftover Lunch – Chicken Curry Soup

Today at lunch it was pouring outside my office but I decided to make the commute across my yard in to the kitchen(tough, I know…). Once I got inside I was starved, knew I wanted something hot given the dark, grey morning and decided a little spice wouldn’t hurt either. Oh, and I didn’t want to cook either…. Not a great thing for a gal doing a recipe blog, but I just didn’t have it in me today.

The good news is I had some great leftovers and veggies from the garden to work with and had a great soup in about 10 minutes. This can serve as a basic template to follow with any leftover broths/protein/veggies. Choose your curry of choice and go wild with it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m not eating that delicious pulled pork I made on Sunday…. I forgot to put it in the fridge before bed on Sunday night. Wait, isn’t Paleo nutrition supposed to clear brain fog???

Chicken Curry Soup

  • Start to boil your chicken stock
  • add 1/2 half of a 5.6 oz can of coconut milk(these are the little ones)
  • Stir in to the broth and coconut milk a heaping teaspoon of red curry paste(more or less depending upon your like of spice)
  • Chop a carrot in to thin rounds, sprinkle them in the boiling broth
  • Dice a handful of green beans, scatter them in the broth as well
  • Shred your leftover chicken and place this in the broth as well
  • Once the carrots are softening and this is optional, tear up several large kale leafs and add to the mixture.
  • Pour in to a big bowl, garnish with sriracha if you choose and enjoy.
  • (Please note if I wasn’t on the 21 Day Sugar Detox I would have added sriracha and fish sauce to the broth as well)

All in all this was a great little soup that was super easy, filled me up and and in the end cleaned out some of the refrigerator.


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