Paleo Diet - Points To Help With Following It

Points To Help You With Following A Paleo Diet

Tips To Help You Follow The Paleo Diet

Many people who have followed the Paleo diet have noticed some differences in the way they look and feel. As well as helping them to lose weight some have noticed that their health has enjoyed following this diet. Some people have noticed that they don’t feel so bloated after they have eaten, whilst others have noticed that it has helped to improve their skin where they suffer from acne.


When it comes to you choosing to follow this diet you can change everything at once. However, I would recommend that you do things more slowly and keep in mind the following points. By doing this it will make it much easier for you to stick with this new lifestyle.

Point 1 – What Is Your Motivation?

Paleo Diet - What Is Your Motivation?

Many people choose to follow a Paleolithic diet because they have certain medical problems that they feel this can help them cope with more effectively. By determining why you want to follow this diet will help you to then understand better how important sticking to it will be.

Point 2 – Follow The Paleo Diet 85%/15% Rule

Paleo Lifestyle - Follow 85/15% Rule

After you have been on the diet for at least a month many experts would recommend that you start to follow the rule above. What this means is that 85% of the time you stick to following your Paleo diet, whilst the other 15% you don’t. It is important however that you pay close attention to how you are feeling when you begin to introduce foods into your diet, which aren’t strictly Paleo eating. You may find for example that after having some ice cream causes you to feel bloated later isn’t worth all that discomfort in the future.

Point 3 – You Need To Cook

Paleo Diet - You Need To Cook

As they base this diet upon you eating fresh whole foods then you need to cook. This is in fact, a great time for you to experiment with foods when creating your own Paleo recipes that you may not have considered eating before. When shopping why not look for some more unusual ingredients to include within your meals and don’t be afraid to ask the greengrocer for example if they can recommend ways in which you can prepare a particular vegetable that you haven’t come across before and want to include in some of your Paleo diet recipes.

Point 4 – Expect Some Setbacks

Paleo Lifestyle - Expect Some Set Backs

It is perfectly normal when following a Paleo lifestyle that you may slip off the wagon occasionally. But don’t see this as a failure but as a rather important aspect of the learning process. If you want some help and support then there are plenty of online groups and forums to be found including on Facebook that could help you remain on track with your Paleolithic diet.

Hopefully, you will find the points provided above of some use and will help to ensure that you remain on track when it comes to following a Paleo diet and eating the right kinds of Paleo diet food in the future.

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