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Paleo Tip #2 – Create Your Own Recipes

Being on a Paleo Diet (I know, it’s not a diet it’s a Lifestyle).. Let’s start again

Living a Paleo lifestyle can be difficult at first, finding recipes you like, cooking everything from scratch can be a chore and you can often be tempted to revert to old habits.

I found one way to avoid this is to experiment with foods I like and create my own recipes.. Chilli Omelette anyone?

We all have foods we don’t particularly like, for me that’s avocados’ and most vegetables (unfortunate eh?). I found a simple way to get around this.. I experiment with different foods and create Smoothes

Pick 3 or 4 foods you like and 1 you don’t like and blend them all together with a liquid of your choice.. (Coconut Milk or Almond Milk is a good start). Trust me on this I wouldn’t know that there was any avocado in any of the smoothies I make.

You’ll also learn good flavor combinations.

There are, of course, other tips you can use to make your recipes more successful. I’ve gathered a few tips you can use when creating your own recipes. You’ll definitely enjoy the experience of making your own recipes when you follow these tips. Being one step closer to creating your perfect list of recipes that you can use at home.

Nothing Is Bad With Having An Inspiration

Every good recipe came from an inspiration- from people, situations to the place where they live in. if you have kids and you want them to emerge fully into Paleo diet, then make them your inspiration in cooking food they will like. On a vacation? Find local foods and make your own version of the local food. Tired from a long day with kids still running around? Why not channel their energy into making amazing and easy foods with you? Whatever your mood is and whatever you may be doing for the day, you can make it as an inspiration for making a recipe that you feel like doing.

Get People Involved

If your family, partner or roommate hasn’t been participating in creating recipes, then it’s time to pull them into it. Getting your loved ones involved can help you determine which recipes might work for them and which will not. You can then make meals that they approve and are also Paleo approved. If you have willing participants, you can also get help in buying and preparing ingredients for the recipe. You also get to have volunteers in eating what your experiment, so this means you have more than yourself who can vote if your recipe can go to your list or be forever forgotten.

Get Acquainted With The Ingredients

Whether you are a newbie or have been in Paleo diet for a long time, knowing more about Paleo approved ingredients is a continuous task. The more recipes you want to try, the more ingredients you must also know. This is where your research skill will be tested, along with the next tip.

Know Where To Go

Since you will be searching for ingredients, you will also need to go to places that you may not of considered going to, say the butcher.  A lot of people dreads going to the butcher shop. This may also be a great time for you and your partner or kids to discover new places to buy fresh and Paleo approved ingredients. It’s also a great way of getting your kids explore your area and getting them off the gadgets.

Just Experiment and Think Outside the Box

If you are really into making your own recipes, then thinking outside the box is a given. You’ll find yourself in tight situations where you will have to adjust the ingredients, cooking procedures as well as the type of utensils you will use for the recipe. This is where your creative side can take over and get your recipes more exciting and still be as healthy and scrumptious as any original recipes that inspired you.

Don’t Stop Practicing!

No matter how you do it if you fall off track or lack practice, you will not have the “perfect” recipe list you want. If you find a recipe good, then push towards making it better in accordance to your taste. You’ll always find something new and will make you want to make more recipes, so just keep practicing. Soon you’ll find yourself with a great list of recipes that people will admire and want to try on their own!

Whatever type of cuisine or cooking style you pursue, these tips can definitely help you get that perfect list of recipes. You may even get the recipes passed on and be an inspiration to others. So get up, cook and enjoy your own creations!

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