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Mornings Are Better After Your First Paleo Diet Coffee

Start Your Day Right With A Paleo Diet Coffee

Whether you are faced with a hectic day, you may find like some other people you cannot start your day without getting your morning cup of coffee. But when you choose to follow the Paleo diet, it might worry you if you can really have coffee with this diet? If they allow it, how much can you drink and how can you make sure that your morning cup of Joe is more Paleo-friendly?

There are a lot of adults who rush around getting their kids and/or themselves ready for the day ahead, whilst others sit back and relax. Perhaps the only similar thing in their hands is a cup of coffee. The aroma of morning coffee is undeniably irresistible, sometimes even kids get curious because of the strong but enticing smell. There are some people who just cannot go about their day without their regular cup of Joe.

Paleo Diet - Coffee

However, most health experts and nutritionists are torn between the benefits and the adverse effects of coffee on the human body. Whilst some diet schemes do not allow drinking of coffee, some allow it. Coffee, just like alcoholic beverages, can be addictive but with relatively less adverse effects than alcoholic beverages. The withdrawal symptoms of coffee addiction may have the same effect. Before we go further, let’s first look at what coffee is, if they accept it as Paleo, and what makes it unacceptable or acceptable for the diet.

A Brief History Of Coffee

Coffee is the third most popular drink in the entire world, next to tea and water. It has dominated the tables of different families every morning, from rich to poor. Perhaps the earliest story in relation to the belief that coffee can give a person a boost of energy in the morning came from ancient Ethiopian legend. The historical events and proofs, however, points to the origin of drinking coffee by the discovery made by Sheikh Omar.

According to legends, Omar who is also known to cure the sick discovered coffee beans because of starvation. Upon discovering that chewing the berries is no good, he roasted and then boiled the cherries, resulting in a brown liquid that sustained him for days. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What Is Coffee?

As you are already aware, it is the seeds from the coffee tree which when processed and roasted are able to then make you a beautiful cup of coffee.   We know the fruit of this tree as the coffee cherry, and it takes around 5 years for the seeds to be ready for harvesting and then to be processed.

Also, by now, you will become aware that there are many different kinds of coffee for you to enjoy. However, there are two varieties, which actually are the most commonly produced. The first of these is the Arabica, and the second is Robusta.

But in fact, the most commonly used of these is actually the Arabica coffee bean. In fact, 70% of all coffee production around the world comprises this specific bean. As for the Robusta, only 30% of all coffee produced today is made from this variety.

What Makes Coffee Healthy?

The benefits of coffee have become a great deal for some health enthusiasts and other health experts. To appreciate coffee better, you need to know the benefits you get even when you drink Paleo diet coffee (in moderation).

Effective Antioxidant And Fat Burner

This is one of the best qualities of coffee that many take advantage of. Coffee is a good antioxidant, just like tea. Drinking it in the morning makes is an effective way of protecting the body against toxins. It stimulates the body to burn more fat. If you notice, some slimming products are often in the form of coffee because of its natural antioxidants.

Also, it is the caffeine you find in coffee that has proven to be effective at helping to aid in fat burning. A number of studies carried out have shown that caffeine may boost a person’s metabolism by between 3 and 11%.

Paleo Diet Coffee - Antioxidants/Alzheimers

Reduces Risks Of Alzheimer’s

Coffee stimulates the brain and can keep your memory sharp. Coffee not only stimulates the brain’s activity, but you’ll find that you keep things in your memory for longer. Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, the effects can be lessened or can be prevented by having a good diet, a great read, and a warm cup of Joe every day.

Lower Risks Of Heart Problems And Stroke

Unlike popular belief, drinking coffee has no adverse effect on your heart and other cardiovascular functions. Drinking even one cup of Paleo-approved coffee promotes better blood flow if drunk in moderate amounts. The increase in blood pressure because of the coffee you drink will fade throughout the day. Just like other food and drinks, Paleo or not, you need to practice moderation.

Fewer Risks Of Cancer And Diabetes

The risks of gaining cancer and even type diabetes are much lower when you regularly drink coffee because of its natural vitamins and mineral content and the antioxidants in it. Coffee helps your body to produce and burn more fats while keeping your blood sugar level in check. Drinking coffee also protects some of your organs, like your liver, and helps reduce the risk of developing cancer. There are studies that have proven a big percentage of coffee drinkers have healthier bodies.

Paleo Lifestyle - Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Provides Energy And Prevents Depression

Perhaps this is the most common reason many people, busy adults mostly, drink coffee, especially in the morning. Coffee relaxes your nerves while giving your body the boost it needs to start the day. Because of these benefits from coffee, you can still enjoy your day with less stress and more energy.

So Is Coffee Paleo?

As you may have learned by now, there are contradicting views regarding whether or not coffee is Paleo? For example, a leading exponent of this diet, Robb Wolf believes that there isn’t anything wrong with us drinking coffee when following a Paleo lifestyle.

Yet if you were to listen to what Loren Cordain, Ph.D. has to say about this drink. Then you should exclude it from your diet altogether.

So really, you need to decide for yourself whether you wish to keep on including this drink in your new lifestyle.

Should you decide that you want to continue to enjoy a nice cup of coffee even just once a day, then the following should prove helpful.

How to Make Approved Paleo Diet Coffee?

So now we’ve covered the benefits, it is time to answer a very important question: Can you have coffee when following the Paleo diet? The answer is yes, provided that you practice moderation and you use Paleo approved creamers should you want some for your coffee. Some who practice Paleo recommend using decaf coffee, but regular coffee can also do the job. But if you really want to upgrade your coffee, then adding butter, oil or Paleo milk as your Paleo creamer is the best option for you.

Paleo diet coffee often comes with Paleo creamer since it balances the drink and also introduces more benefits to your body. Most Paleo or hunter-gatherer diet-approved coffee creamers are made from natural almond milk, coconut oil or grass-fed butter, or ghee. In fact, ghee or coconut oil infused coffee is also called Bulletproof coffee. Coffee with butter and coconut oil doubles up the benefits of this drink for your body.

Paleo Diet Coffee -Butter or Coconut Oil

Benefits Of Butter In Paleo Diet Coffee

Adding butter, coconut oil, or ghee to coffee isn’t only for the health-conscious, or those wanting to experiment. It is a much healthier option than the creamers you buy in the supermarket.  The same can also go for just having your coffee black.

Bulletproof coffee is not getting famous just because it is unique – the health benefits also deserve some credit. Here are a few benefits of Bulletproof coffee that can make your mornings even better:

Burn Them Fats

If you want to lose weight and have a drink that does not leave deposits of fats that will make you heavier, then having butter in your coffee will fit in well. Butter in coffee, particularly grass-fed butter, produces medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oils. MCT oils burn fats and stop them from depositing any in your body. This creates a better source of energy by making you feel fuller for longer, and you find that weight loss becomes easier.

Paleo - Helps Burn Fat

Easy On The Stomach, Heavy With Energy

Mornings can go crazy, and you may have less time for getting a decent breakfast. Or you may have a sensitive tummy that just can’t accept a heavy breakfast. Whichever the situation is, Paleo diet coffee with butter will calm your tummy while filling up your body with the energy you’ll need throughout the day. The coffee will work its magic in calming your entire body and the butter will release fats that keep your body going, finishing your day without the crankiness.

Boost Those Antioxidants

Coffee, as mentioned above, is already full of antioxidants. Double it up with the butter and your Paleo coffee gives you a powerful mix of antioxidants that will keep you safe from common and even the worst kind of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Paleo Diet Coffee - Improved Immune System

Caffeine Does Not Work With Your Stomach

Not all people appreciate or tolerate caffeine in their system. Using butter coffee will “tame” the effects of caffeine in the body. Some people get dizzy, feel palpitations, and feel the surge of energy is too much to handle or rumbling tummies. If you have ever felt these, then consider changing to Paleo coffee with butter.

Make Your Own Paleo Approved Coffee!

Now you know the benefits of Bulletproof coffee, it’s best to wrap things up with an easy Bulletproof coffee recipe you can use. Experiment with other Paleo recipes using approved ingredients, or you can enjoy this recipe on its own. Either way, you will definitely look forward to your mornings with this Paleo diet coffee.

Easy Butter Coffee Recipe
Cuisine: Drink
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
A quick and easy recipe that makes the perfect cup of Paleo diet coffee that will help you get the day off on the right footing.
  • 1 Cup (237 g) Coffee (Organic is preferred but you can use your usual coffee)
  • 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) Grass-fed butter, Unsalted, and Melted
  • 1 Teaspoon (5 ml) Coconut Oil (or you can put in 2-3 Teaspoons, depending on your taste)
  • ¼ Teaspoon (1.25 ml) Vanilla Extract
  1. • Brew or make your coffee as usual.
  2. • Pour your coffee into a blender or a food processor together with all the other ingredients. Blend for 20 seconds or until your coffee becomes frothy.
  3. • Pour into your cup and enjoy every sip!


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  1. I really liked your article on “Paleo Diet Coffee”. It is good to have coffee in the early morning as it gives full day refreshment. You had shared really awesome coffee recipe and I will definitely try it at my home. As it do not contain extra calories, it will be good for my health too. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

    1. Hi Kelly, glad you like the article and the blog. Yep, this recipe is amazing and one that I use on a regular basis. We have a regular supply of coconut oil in our home not only for making our morning mug of java and also for cooking.

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