How To Drop Grains Without Too Much Hassle

Paleo Diet – How To Drop Grains Without Much Hassle

Within the last 10 years, we have seen the Paleo diet becoming more and more popular. There are plenty of websites devoted to the subject. Plus, there is a great selection of reports, cookbooks and books now available.

Yet quite a few people who follow this diet often struggle with it. One problem that most people find hard to cope with is the cutting out of grains.

Bread & Grains

For most of us, grains have played a big part in our diets. They often make up a large part of the different Paleo recipes and dishes we enjoy. In fact, they are the basis of most of the food items we enjoy as snacks.

So eliminating them from your diet after so long will prove challenging. If you keep in mind, the advice we give below you’ll find following this part of the diet easier.

1. Learn A Few Paleo Diet Recipes

When it comes to trying out recipes there are plenty of places online you can look at to get a few ideas. Also, it is worth investing in a couple of Paleo cookbooks. Now take these recipes and start to make them your own.

You could even try some of your old favorite recipes you like and make them Paleo compliant.   For example, when making a stew you include white potatoes in it.  Well now instead replace them with sweet potatoes or even with some turnip or swede.

Paleo Diet - How To Drop Grains
Learn A Few Paleo Recipes

The best place to search for suitable Paleo diet recipes is Pinterest.  Just type in the words Paleo Diet Recipes and you see loads to choose from.   Also, it is best when starting out try out some more simple recipes you can find.  Then as you get more experienced when it comes to cooking such you can go for more complex recipes.

Have several Paleo recipes in your repertoire If you do this you won’t find boredom setting in.

2. Remove All Grains From Your Home

This is no doubt going to be the hardest change to make. This is especially true if you are the only one in your family choosing to follow a Paleo diet. Why not use a cupboard in your kitchen where you stock only Paleo food?

Paleo Diet - Drop Grains Without Too Much Hassle
Remove All Grains

So from the outset, you will need to remove all pasta and flour from your home.   The same also goes for cakes, bread, and biscuits.

3. Preparation Is Key

When it comes to eliminating grains from your diet preparing to make the change is key. You need to spend time beforehand learning about what foods are suitable. Then when it comes to shopping take your time so you make sure you choose the right ones.

Also, before you go shopping make sure you have eaten. You are less likely to put food in the trolley that isn’t Paleo because it looks nice.

Paleo Food
Preparation Is Key

Another thing worth doing is creating a list of foods you need to buy.   Then make sure that as you go shopping, you mark them off on your shopping list.   If you don’t want to be fumbling around with pen and paper, then use your phone.  There are plenty of apps now available that allow you to create a Paleo diet shopping list.

4. Phase Them Out Bit By Bit

If you think eliminating grains from your diet in one go, phase them out. It is best if you phase them out over a period of a couple of weeks. This will not only help you get used to following a Paleo diet but will allow you to experiment. Ensuring that you then create meals that are Paleo friendly.

5. It Takes Time

One vital thing to remember is it all takes some time to make changes. For anything to become a habit takes around 30 days, when done routinely. So when you first following a Paleo diet give yourself and your body time to adjust. It is possible to do anything as long as you are willing to put your mind to it.

Paleo Diet - It Takes Time

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